A Twitter user, @exodoodles, has been creating some awesome doodles of the members of EXO that you have to see for yourself!

Exodoodles' drawings are very simplistic but somehow perfectly capture some iconic EXO moments and photos. All of the members are drawn with black marker on white paper and are mysteriously arm-less. For these adorable drawings, exodoodles has amassed almost 24,000 followers over the past few months, and you can totally see why! I, for one, cannot help but smile as I scroll through exodoodles' Twitter feed.

Check out the photos below featuring all your favorite EXO members, and be sure to check out exodoodles' Twitter for more hilarious doodles!

Be sure to follow exodoodles on Twitter for more fun and hilarious doodles of EXO!

Which doodle is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! Mine is definitely the last one...

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