Unfortunately for the K-Pop group EXO, they’ve been thrown into the middle of a ticket scam, all because of some 19 year old boy's creative way to steal money from school girls. Apparently, a 19 year old former part-time ticket seller used his knowledge to create an online ticket scheme which involved posting EXO concert tickets for sale.

With a promise to pay a fine if anything went wrong with the ticket transaction, unsuspecting school girls forked over their allowances in hopes of seeing EXO live and in the flesh. Unfortunately, all that ended up happening was this kid getting bank account info from 48 buyers and about $6,500, which if I’ve done my math correctly, is about $135 per person. Police have stated there are probably more victims who just didn’t report it.

All in all I give the kid credit for coming up with a scheme that, for the most part, did work. Too bad he forgot about the part where it’s easy to find a thief by simply following the online money trail. Oh well, he was arrested. Hopefully buyers will be more cautious next time when purchasing tickets online, and EXO probably hates him *shrug.*

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE