EXO's Kai simply can't help but be cute and adorable. Ginza, a Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine, interviewed the popular singer, who is kicking up a storm in drama-land with his new J-drama Spring Has Come. Watch this translated video, and you'll see why no one is immune to Kai's natural charms.

In the fan-translated video, Kai talks about his favorite EXO MVs, fashions, and even colors. You'll especially love his irresistible laughter that occurs about one minute into the clip.

Here's a clip from the photoshoot taken for Ginza's January 2018 issue:

Kai said in his interview that "Call Me Baby" is his favorite EXO MV. Let's relive the fun MV with him and the other EXO guys:

In the meantime, add his upcoming drama to your watchlist:


Spring Has Come

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Kurashina Kana

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