There are probably some serious pros and cons of living next door to a K-pop band. Pro: cute guys to wave to by the mailbox. Con: constant noise complaints. But it might be easier to overlook loud dance rehearsals if the guys next door were part of one of the biggest (and cutest) K-pop bands out there — EXO.

To celebrate the premiere of EXO Next Door on DramaFever, Becca and Megan have some great ideas for an old-school block party to welcome Park Chan YeolDo Kyung SooBuyn Baek Hyun, and Oh Se Hun to your living room!

1. Call Me Baby (back ribs)

Every good summer party needs BBQ — so we're "Wolf"-ing down these "Call Me Baby" Back Ribs with summery sides like cole slaw and potatoes.

2. EXO Growl(er)

Each guest gets their very own "Growl"-er (see what we did there?) You can choose whether you want to serve family-friendly drinks like root beer and lemonade or pass around a local microbrew for the over 21-crowd. (Just remember, most of the EXO boys are only barely of legal drinking age in the U.S.)

3. Greet your guests (and neighbors)!

Start things off with a neighborly vibe — decorate for the occasion with fun signs and words of welcome.

4. Bring a housewarming gift!

My grandmother used to say when someone new moves in to the neighborhood, you bring them a potted plant and a Jell-O mold. We re-imagined grandma's geraniums as customized decorations — adding a photo of our four leads at the center. Hang them around the house for a little festive color.

5. Don't forget the Jell-O!

As for the Jell-O mold, why not get creative and cut it in to shapes, like the DramaFever logo? It looks great and tastes even better!

6. Play "Boys Next Door"

Before the show starts, play the “Boys Next Door” game with your guests. We took a dry erase board and covered it with a cutout of a doorway. Have each guest write down who they wish would move in next door — then let everyone guess who you picked!

Encourage people to stay away from their obvious K-Drama bias and get creative — they have to justify why their choice would make the perfect next door neighbor. Then open the door for the big reveal!

7. Dance off!

What better opportunity for a dance party than a get together celebrating EXO? Not only are they known for their incredible choreography, their music is so catchy, you can’t help but want to get up and groove. For an extra challenge, try learning the moves from their videos! (Emphasis on the word "challenge"…)

What other party ideas do you have? EXO Next Door premieres tomorrow, June 5, on DramaFever! Check out the trailer below:

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