If you’ve ever wanted to impress EXO’s Baek Hyun, just appear before him with a nose similar to Han Ga In's. During a recent interview, Baek Hyun revealed his ideal type was actress Han Ga In based on her skin and nose.

Now I know that may sound odd but actually I think it’s a pretty generic answer considering Han Ga In is known for having beautiful skin and a “pretty nose.” Honestly, if you run a Google image search on her, you will see an image category dedicated specifically to her nose.

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What makes this even funnier, and purely based on my own weird mental connections, is the idea that if Baek Hyun finds Han Ga In pretty, then there’s a high possibility that he also finds actress Son Ye Jin and ZE:A member Dong Jun pretty as well. In my eyes the three of them might as well just be tossed in a drama as siblings because they all look related to each other.

Dong Jun as a girl, Han Ga In, and Son Ye Jin.

If Baek Hyun is your EXO bias, don't cry because you lack the features of the three above! Han Ga In is married so I don't see her running off with Baek Hyun anytime soon, and during the same interview Chen and D.O said there's not one Korean celebrity they consider their "ideal type," so, see! When one EXO door closes another opens.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE