A few months ago, EXO's Chanyeol posted a photo of himself in the studio with the Billboard chart toppers Far East Movement. The speculative music collaboration will soon become a reality with the news of an upcoming single! A source from SM Entertainment assured music lovers that a SM Station single featuring the popular musicians is coming. 

“Chanyeol will be rapping in one of Far East Movement’s songs.”

I remember Far East Movement best for their catchy 2010 "Rocketeer" single that charted worldwide and went Platinum in Australia. Apparently, their "Like A G6" song, which was released the same year, topped US, UK, South Korean and New Zealand music charts. It even went on to become multi-platinum! Of course, we all know EXO is a super power in the Asian music world and beyond.The fact that a member of EXO is releasing a track with Far East Movement is amazing! I'm sure their song will be dynamic.

While we wait for the song that is sure to make history, you can catch Chanyeol and his idol band EXO in action when they performed at the The 25th Seoul Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015.

Are you excited about the upcoming SM Station song? 

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