EXO fans were concerned after Dispatch released photos of D.O in a wheelchair following the recent SMTOWN world tour in Japan. According to a statement from SM Entertainment, D.O was injured during the concert, but the injuries were not serious.

Dispatch published photos of EXO's D.O arriving at Korea's Kimpo Airport riding in a wheelchair and wearing a face mask. SM Entertainment responded to the photos with this official statement to Ilgan Sports: "While getting off the stage at a SMTOWN concert in Japan, D.O lost his footing and got hurt. He went to a hospital immediately and got a thorough medical examination. They said it was just some light bruising. We will continue to check his condition and make sure he doesn’t over-exert himself."

A wheelchair seems to indicate more than "light bruising," but it's a relief to hear that it isn't anything serious. Whatever the case, let's hope D.O gets the rest he needs and fully recovers quickly! Kyungsoo, fighting!

If you're a fan of D.O, watch his sweet performance in the web series EXO Next Door:

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