Kai is one brave idol!

Today, the Andante actor opened up to the cast of Star Golden Bell about a scary situation he was in. During the KBS 2TV’s Happy Together segment, Kai talked about the terrifying time that he was stuck in an elevator. Cables unexpectedly broke on the elevator he was riding, and he had to jump into action to save himself. 

“I got on an elevator and heard the sound of rats. Then suddenly, the elevator started to drop," he explained. 

"It turns out that it was the sound of the elevator cables breaking, not rats. I climbed up to the first floor and screamed for help.”

It's amazing he was able to escape without any major injuries! His family, friends, and EXO-Ls are no doubt relieved that nothing serious resulted from such a dangerous situation. Kai is scheduled to return to the small screen this fall in the youth series Andante. The production's release date was postponed from July, but everything is pointing toward a late September premiere on KBS right now.  

Getting over a frightening situation is tough! Would you have been as brave as Kai if you were in the same situation? 

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