Kai is proud of his latest production!

The singer and actor recently participated in an interview commemorating the conclusion of his latest TV series Andante. In the touching show, Kai played a high school student who has an eye-opening experience of love and loss in the countryside. The idol expressed his gratitude to everyone who followed his character's journey over the past few months, including those involved in the show's production.

"I want to thank everyone who loved Andante. It was an honor to act alongside my co-stars, and I want to sincerely thank not only the director and the screenwriter, but the entire production staff for their hard work on set.”

He enjoyed portraying his naive on-screen character, Lee Shi Kyung. “I was happy while playing the character of Shi Kyung, because I was able to look at the world with a pure heart. I hoped during filming that I would be able to successfully communicate that emotion to the viewers. I hope that Andante made winter a little bit warmer for its viewers.”

Kai returns this weekend in the romantic Japanese series Spring Has Come. He stars as Korean photographer Lee Ji Won, who shakes up the mundane life of a sales associate and her family. Don't forget to re-watch Kai's sweet short series Choco Bank while you wait for the weekend to arrive!


Spring Has Come

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Kurashina Kana

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