DramaFever's recent release, the sweet and adorable short series Choco Bank, starred EXO's Kai and Park Eun Bin. It's lovely and enjoyable, but just like every K-drama in history, it leaves us wanting more. At least, it leaves me wanting more. As we say in my country, "Me deja con gusto a poco." I've written an epilogue to add a bit more sweetness and to soothe my sore throat after screaming so much during the ending.

You can marathon it now on DramaFever and then read this epilogue if you wanted a bit more. Made by a fan, for the fans.


Choco Bank

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Park Eun Bin

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Choco Bank: My Epilogue

Ha Choco finally pays her rent on the due time. With Kim Eun Haeng’s comeback, his help and consulting, the profits of Choco Bank increased and she’s finally able to manage her income smoothly. It’s such a relief to have him there, not only because the store is doing so much better and she has someone to help her and explain things to her she has no clue about or are just beyond her understanding abilities. That’s not even the best part of having him back. The best is his smile.

Since the first time they crossed paths he brought her happiness and she's always wanted to make him happy as well. He has such a lovely smile and has lived tied up and stressed for so long, forcing himself to follow a path that his heart didn’t want.

Eun Haeng now smiles happily, while consulting others and managing the store, he even smiles when he’s explaining things to her for the umpteenth time. He always smiles, honestly and Choco finds herself smiling even more, which has led her to make even better chocolate.

Almost a month after he’s come back and while they are cleaning after closing the store, Eun Haeng says something that makes Choco freeze.

“My mother is coming back next week,” he casually comments, still wiping the floor methodically. “She wants to come and see the place properly.”

Choco’s heart races because the last and only time she saw Eun Haeng’s mother, she made a scene, fainted and caused for him to disappear for a year. She barely interacted with the woman, but based on what she had seen, Choco was sure she wouldn’t approve of her and having her son working in Choco Bank.

Panic stirred in her guts.

“D-d-does she ha-have to come?” she stutters.

In her head, she imagines the woman entering the shop and Choco greeting her like every client, until she takes off her sunglasses and recognition hits her. She stands straighter but her hands are sweating, her pulse skyrocketing under the severe scrutiny. Before Choco can introduce herself, a hand slaps her across the face, leaving her looking in the opposite direction while she says: “you’re not worthy of my son. Get away from him.”

“Is anything wrong?” Eun Haeng asks, noticing her fear and lost expression, caught up in the drama-like fantasy. She’s seen too many evil mothers who oppose to their son dating poor girls. And her relationship is barely starting with Eun Haeng! What will she do if he is made to choose between her and his mother? “Choco?”

“Uh?” she asks, because she’s not sure what he’s said.

“Are you all right? You’re pale, like sickly pale.”

“I was shooting my own drama in my head,” she blurts out, but that only confuses him.

“What are you imagining?” he asks, giving her his full attention, watching her with that fond smile she normally misses.

“I just… I mean your mother, will she be fine with us being business partners and well… you know… dating?” she can’t help blushing at the last part, looking down as Eun Haeng’s grin widens.

“Of course she will,” he replies easily. “She told me to do what makes me happy, whether is having a business or anything else.” Choco blinks as she listens to the story, trying to imagine the woman who was screaming at him for doing something so risky instead of a stable job, this time telling him to follow his heart. “She told me to live my life because she will be living hers.”

“Did she really tell you that?” She sounds doubtful but she can’t help it. It’s not like she knows the woman like he does.

“She did,” Eun Haeng affirms, putting the mop aside and walking up to her. “I was surprised and confused at first, but so relieved. Did you know I used to walk with a resignation letter in my pocket? I was that unhappy in my job. I wanted to quit so many times I can’t even count.”

She feels her own heart breaking upon learning that, wanting to hug him and give him comfort for having to spend time like that, so miserably. But she doesn’t move, she just watches him.

“After she left and I finally processed what she had said, I finally made use of that letter and came to see you. I knew that if I wanted to be happy, I had to start here.”

His words touch her heart and made her want to smile so wide she has to look down and hide a bit under a curtain of hair, but he steps closer, lifting her face with the lightest touch of his fingers on her chin.

“And because she wants me to be happy, she’ll approve of you, as well, because you make me happy,” he continues and Choco feels like a squeal will escape her.

It is still hard to believe for her that he’s back, he’s with her. The wait is over and he’s not just walked into her life, he’s come back to stay. So she smiles at him so lovingly, wanting to find the right words to tell him how she feels, what he means to her, but words fail her.

Softly, he leans forward, his head dipping slowly while in contrast, her heart races and beats so wildly that her own pulse is making her deaf. She still closes her eyes, even if she is a mess inside and her mind is screaming, she just closes them and waits for it, the moment his lips softly brush hers, so faintly like a butterfly that stopped by. Yet, it is still electrifying and consuming, and her heart is beating even faster so every other sound is drowned in the cacophony of her own heartbeat. Then the pressure increases as his fingers slide across her jaw, stopping on her neck, fingertips softly pressing behind her ear, his thumb rubbing her cheekbone as his lips move with her, slowly, carefully, tentatively.

And Choco melts like the very chocolate she makes, ready to take whatever new shape she wants to give it.

Her toes curl as her hands hold on to his apron, hoping he’ll stay always that close to her. But he breaks the kiss anyway and gives her the sweetest smile she’s ever received, sweeter and warmer than a cup of hot chocolate in a snowy day.

“It’ll be fine,” he promises and she believes him.

True to his words, when the time come for his mother to pay them a visit, she doesn’t slap her or throws at her an envelope with money, instead she smiles and bows her head back after the ninety-degree bows Choco offers her.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet the girl my son talks so much about,” the woman says with a content smile. “You’ve been taking good care of him.”

It’s not a question, however Choco feels the need to reply. “I promised I would make him happy, so happy he’d share that with… with you,” she confesses, losing a bit of her confidence and feeling embarrassed by the end of the sentence.

The woman turns to look at her son standing next to Choco, watching carefully his smile and the way he looks at the chocolatier.

“He looks happy, so I guess you’re keeping your promise,” Eun Haeng’s mother finally says, her smile spreading. “My son also tells me you make delicious chocolate. I’d like a hot chocolate and whatever else you recommend.”

“Immediately!” Chico chirps, bowing again and hearing the woman’s soft chuckles.

She heads to a table and Choco turns to look at Eun Haeng, beaming with happiness. He smiles at her fondly before ruffling her hair. “See? I told you it’d go well,” he reminds her and she just smiles happily.

Out of the blue, he surprises her giving her a kiss on her forehead, sweet and quick, but it makes her heart flutter, nonetheless. She stares at him wide-eyed and he grins.

“Mother is waiting,” he reminds her and that sets her back in motion.

“Right!” she exclaims, turning and heading behind the counter to prepare the hot chocolate, while Eun Haeng chuckles echoing behind her, always amused with her cuteness and innocence.

She truly is like that chocolate he took from her, sweet and comforting, showing up just when he needed that taste in his life to make it all brighter and better.

His sweet Choco.

This epilogue was written by Bel, just a fangirl trying to express her feels. No copyright infringement was intended. All credits belong to the rightful creators of the characters and story.

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