EXO's Lay passed out while filming the most recent episode of the Chinese variety show Extreme Challenge due to an severe case of food poisoning. 

It was reported that Lay had been sick through the entire filming session and was struggling to keep himself steady. Throughout the day, he had been displaying other symptoms of his illness, such as severe vomiting and a pale complexion.

Lay had eventually collapsed on his way to the bathroom and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he received fluids via IV. After regaining his strength, he was sent directly to complete the episode, which was aired on May 8. 

This news is very concerning for EXO-Ls and Lay's fans, Xingmis, who are extremely worried for the idol and his health. They have not only expressed their wishes for a quick recovery, but also their wishes for him to take a break to do so. We, as well, hope he feels better soon.

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