Even someone as talented as EXO's Lay has to prove himself first. To Be A Better Man is a stellar drama about getting a second chance in life despite precarious relationships and seemingly unfair twists dealt by fate. Lay plays Xiao Cao, who is passionate about becoming a gourmet chef. A master chef gives him a tough assignment as a test: Can he make a dessert using shrimp?

SPOILER ALERT: Lay gets his tough assignment in episode 15, in case you haven't watched yet.

In To Be A Better Man, Xiao Cai (Lay) wants Michelin-starred chef Lu Yuan (Sun Honglei) to accept him as an apprentice. He would do anything for his passionate goal in life.

In the following scene, Lu Yuan is shopping in the market with Peng Jiahe (Guan Xiaotong), the daughter of his deceased best friend. But, they soon realize they may be stalked.

Lu Yuan and Peng Jiahe decided to catch the stranger danger.

The stalker is none other than Xiao Cai. He begs for a chance, any chance!

Jiahe has already had a run-in with Xiao Cai, and she actually persuades Lu Yuan to agree.

Lu Yuan doesn't really want the hassle, so he gives Xiao Cai a near-impossible assignment to make a dessert using shrimp as the main ingredient. 

Does Xiao Cai accomplish the mission?

Let's take a look at what Xiao Cai cooks in this clip:

(That looks yummy! Wish I could try too.)

Does Xiao Cai's shrimp dessert win over master chef Lu Yuan?

To find out more, continue with episode 15.

When To Be A Better Man first started its broadcast in China, it surprised and impressed the audiences with its unique style of storytelling, impeccable cinematography, outstanding performance and direction, so much so that it rose to be the #1 drama in ratings despite its mature subject. Viewers grew to love the perfect ensemble of imperfect characters who each has a purpose to fill in life.

By the way, leading man Sun Honglei took classes for months in a culinary school in order to play a Michelin-starred chef convincingly. He is the Robert De Niro of China, who can mesmerize the audience in any role he decides the take on.

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To Be a Better Man - 好先生

Starring Sun Honglei and Jiang Shu Ying

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