Right before boarding a flight on October 11 to fly to Japan for a concert performance, EXO's Lay suddenly fainted at the Incheon airport and was rushed to the hospital. He was still unconscious when he was picked up by the ambulance. Find out more!

On October 11, EXO's Lay and his fellow members were getting ready to board a flight to Japan, where the popular group will hold concerts in Sapporo, when Lay collapsed.

According to news reports based on fans who posted to social media, Lay stayed unconscious even when the paramedics carried him out on a stretcher. As a result, the other EXO members decided not to board in order to be with Lay. They flew out on a later flight.

SM later released an official statement saying that Lay passed out due to sleep deprivation: "Lay temporarily fainted due to lack of sleep. Thankfully, the doctor said all he needs is a good rest. Lay will be heading to the dorm to rest." The entertainment agency also said Lay strongly desired to be at the concert, but a final decision would be made depending on his condition.

Lay's fans are stunned and upset following the shocking news, and many have posted get-well-soon comments to urge Lay to take better care of his health and not work so hard. In May, Lay was reported to have collapsed on a Chinese variety show due to food poisoning. Some fans are also saying SM should take better care of their artists.

The extremely popular and busy singer-actor has just celebrated his 25th birthday on October 7 by releasing new song "What U Need" for his solo album. The MV for "What U Need" has already received over 2.6 million views.

UPDATE: According to the latest news, Lay flew out on the morning of October 12, after a night's rest. EXO's concerts for October 12 and 13 are held at the Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, Sapporo, Japan.

Get lots of rest and stay healthy, Lay!

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