EXO's Lay has seen his popularity rise as an actor, and he is currently filming romantic drama Operation Love. During an interview, he surprised the reporter by revealing he has never actually kissed on screen. How has he managed that and why? He went on to explain there is only one scene where he will be willing to kiss.

In case you didn't know, Lay is Chinese and his Chinese name is Zhang Yixing. The multi-talented singer is also a songwriter, record producer, author and dancer. 

Since 2015, he has also been attracted to acting. Having already participated in six movies and two dramas (including To Be A Better Man on DramaFever), he is now a first-time leading man in Operation Love, a remake of the Japanese time-travel romance that has already been remade into the Korean Operation Proposal that starred Yoo Seung Ho.

During an interview on November 29, he surprisingly admitted that he has never kissed for real on screen. The kiss scenes were "helped" by special camera angles. The popular idol said he was still too conservative to kiss on screen. He added that he wasn't ready to kiss someone who wasn't his girlfriend.

He said he didn't understand the need of some of the kiss scenes, as they didn't seem necessary to the story.

However, there is one scene where he will be willing to kiss. 

What's that?

If it's a deathbed scene!

If his character is dying and wants to kiss his leading lady, "then i'd be willing to kiss," said Lay.

At 25, he is a perfect Chinese Flower Boy, and this surprise revelation probably makes him even more endearing to his many fans.

~ NancyZdramaland

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