EXO's manager was found guilty. The boy group's manager Kim Sung Jin, however, adamantly denied the charges of physical assault against him at the Incheon District Court yesterday.

 "I saw the fan at the airport, but I neither hurt nor imposed violence upon [that person]," he said.

A fan pressed charges against him after sustaining bruises and a sprained neck due to blow to the head. The victim spent two weeks in the hospital after the manager allegedly hit them in the back of the head while they tried to take a photo of the band at Incheon International Airport in August 2014. The manager was escorting the "Wolf" singers in the underground platform of the airport when the brutal incident in question took place. EXO was returning to South Korea from a performance in Nanjing, China.

The court found Kim guilty and fined him $930 for imposing physical violence.

This news is astonishing! What are your thoughts on this matter?

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