Popular YouTuber Miles Jai of "Shit Black Kpop Fans Say" visited the lands of "sexy anime boys" and k-pop idols for his most recent videos.

Comedic and beauty blogger Miles Jai is known for his interest in Asian culture and fashion, leading to popular YouTube videos like "Sexy Anime Boys," the hilarious "Shit Black Kpop Fans Say," and a beauty tutorial for Taeyeon's "Why" look.

Miles' most recent vlogs and videos follow him and two friends Tima and Crystal as they travel through Korea and Japan, meeting up with popular Korea-based YouTubers Megan Bowen and Edward Avila!

Miles' also spoke to the realities of being gay in Korea and the differences he noticed between Korean and American men.

Miles even had a meet-up for his fans in Korea. Did you go?

Are you a Miles Jai fan? If you had the chance to visit Korea like Miles, where would you want to visit?


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