A video showing a "performance" by staff of the Liaoning Dandong Arirang Restaurant has become a viral hit in China, with over 3 million views and 1,400 pages of comments. Some say the restaurant employees perform with such military zeal that China need not fear anything, even "alien invaders." "Soon, we'll rule the universe" another said. Still other people were shocked, saying "what is this, a gang?" On a more serious note, some questioned the morale-building methods of the restaurant, and a well-known psychologist noted that this kind of "training" would only encourage people to have negative feelings towards work. See for yourself in the full video below, with our partial translation beneath: Translation of the long poem recited: I’m going to use love to welcome the day, Because it’s the biggest secret to success! Reward can be used as a shield, or destroy life! Only love has invincible power, Making people open their hearts! I’m a nobody, but I’m going to use love as my best weapon! No one can resist its power! Others may oppose my theories and words, Others may not approve of what I wear, Others may not like how I look, Others may even be doubtful of the products I sell for cheap! Nevertheless, my love can bring them warmth! Just like the shining sun melts the ice, I’m going to use love to welcome today! What would you do if your employer asked you to perform this way?