Park Hae Jin and actress Go Joon Hee just turned a normal day into a super sexy day with these new photos for Calvin Klein!

The urge to claw the screen over both of them is so strong, isn't it?! Here we see Park Hae Jin lounging like a comfortable kitten against Go Joon Hee's semi-bare back while she shows off those jeans. You've got to admit those Calvins look great on her. #Twerk

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Now we have Go Joon Hee showing a bit of shoulder and leg while practically attached to Park Hae Jin! Look at him all tanned and shirtless with that sharp jawline. This is such a printable photo, and you can be creepy and paste your face over Go Joon Hee's face if you want.

Besides lounging half naked in bed, Park Hae Jin is currently filming his latest drama, Bad Boys, where he plays a suspected serial killer with the mind of psychopath. This drama is scheduled to air on cable channel OCN on October 4th

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE