Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yul are crashing into love!

According to exclusive photos recently released from MBC, the Lucky Romance stars will have their first meeting in a casino. Hwang and Ryu, who portray characters Shim Bo Nui and Je Soo Ho, wear after-five attire of different shades in the swanky images. 

However, the snapshots quickly take a turn for the worst with Bo Nui in a state of confusion on the floor wearing a custodian uniform, while Soo Ho rummages through a mess after he clearly bumped into her. Soo Ho's suit is drenched! It seems Bo Nui has two part-time jobs, but she is destined to interact with her future high-class lover. 

Their hilarious love story is based on Kim Dal Nim's 2014 webcomic Woonbbalromaenseu. It also stars Lee Chung Ah and Lee Soo Hyuk. Will Bo Nui be able to sleep with a sexy rich landlord to avoid the downfall predicted in her fortune? We'll all have to wait and see when it premieres on May 25.

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