This week, as our late Valentine's present to you, we want you to fall in love all over again with Coffee Prince. From now until midnight Sunday EST, we will be streaming all of the episodes of CP with only a short pre-roll commercial and no ads during an episode. We hope you enjoy this incredible series and if you have not seen it yet, this weekend is the perfect time, as it is a must watch for all drama enthusiasts.

This romantic comedy was quite provocative when it launched as it revolves around issues of homosexuality. Han Kyul, the handsome son of a wealthy hotelier family, is set in his bachelor lifestyle and does not believe in commitment. His family's constant pressure for him to get married drives him to the point that he pays a young man to pretend to be his gay partner. Trouble starts when Han Kyul falls in love with this man. There are other subplots which make this show rich and deep in character, including the love-heartbreak-love relationship between Han Sung, played by one of our favorite actors Lee Sun Gyun from White Tower, and Yoo Joo, played by hotness Chae Jung Ahn. Check out our trailer below and make sure to visit our site to watch the entire show!

CP won a bunch of awards, including 2007 MBC Acting Awards for Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo, as well as the best TV drama award in the 2008 Korean Producers' Award. It has aired throughout Asia, with special popularity in the Philippines, where Martin Nievera sang the theme song "Because of You". It has also aired in remote places such as Israel and Zimbabwe, and now you can watch it in high quality, for free (and legally!!) in the US on our site.

We also added new episodes for Couple or Trouble, Goong, H.I.T, I Really Really Like You, Jumong, La Dolce Vita, Last Scandal, New Heart, Que Sera Sera, Soulmate, White Tower, and Yisan.

Thanks for your support and happy late Valentine's Day!

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