Fall In Love Like a Star pulled us in, but then left us with questions. How did these two fall in love and what does it take to fall in love with a star after a breakup? Come dissect the details with Amy and Kate!

Amy: I went into this movie not knowing what to expect because I hadn’t heard a lot about it and I don’t know much about the actors in it. I just knew I wanted something light and romantic and that is what I got!

Kate: The film was very sweet and fluffy, I agree with you there. I enjoyed it exactly on those terms. However, I can say that as a regular K-drama viewer, the plot moved along what felt like a break-neck speed. I kept thinking that certain plot developments were happening too quickly, and some plots that would have eaten up large parts of episodes felt small.

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Amy: I felt like it moved pretty quickly too. It seemed like we didn’t get to know the characters well enough. I know that the two leads bonded when they worked together at their low level entertainment industry positions but I wanted to see how they fell in love. While cute, drunken shenanigans just didn’t cut it for me.

Kate: The best part, I think, of the speedy plot was that I didn’t get the chance to develop second-lead syndrome. While the food critic did represent what seemed to be a kinder, more appreciative suitor to Xin (particularly while Xingyu was being a jerk to her), both the critic and the rudeness Xingyu exhibited were so short lived I didn’t get the chance to ship Xin and the food critic at all. And of course, the starlet who had a crush on Xingyu didn’t show enough nuance to care about either. My loyalties were entirely with the romance of the first leads.

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Amy: You know, I get that Xingyu was being a jerk but he wasn’t nearly as bad as the jerks I’m used to. That isn’t a complaint but I really could have used some more character development. I just feel like we didn’t get enough time to get to know them fully so we don’t know how they fell in love and what motivated them to do what they do. Anyway, it was nice not to have second lead syndrome. They weren’t even a thought in my mind. Also, after Xingyu realized he loved Xin and she loved him he got really, really cute. Like when he thought he was getting a kiss but Xin just picked up her cup and drank. Poor guy.

Kate: I think it really is harder to come back from several episodes of the jerky romantic lead than it is just a dozen minutes or so. For me, that made that aspect of their relationship more believable than some tv romances can be. While I would have liked a little more build up of the relationship and characters, it does seem easier to forgive his sulkiness when you realize that she’d told him she’d found someone else and that is why he thinks they broke up. It also makes it easier to understand and believe (and support) when they get back together when the audience discovers the real reason.

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Amy: Yes. It really gets to me when a character breaks up with someone and then expects to get back together with no explanation. I’m glad we got the why quickly and I did not think that she made the wrong decision. They weren’t married or engaged and he was spending too much time focused on her so I think it was the right thing to do. I feel bad for celebrities in China, Taiwan, and South Korea because of the guilt they feel when they date or get married. It shouldn’t be that way. I was so happy when Xingyu’s agent told him to go after Xin. Her backstabbing ways earlier didn’t please me and I don’t know what changed her mind but hey. At least she changed it.

Kate: Even Xingyu’s agent was less cartoonishly villainous with the shorter screen time. Her motivations seemed mostly believable (if still villainous, of course). Xingyu was being a bit of a brat in how he treated her, and she was trying to do what she could to reign him in. Who knew that fake quitting as a threat would actually work? It probably wouldn’t have if Xin had not been starting her first day at his agency. What a coincidence, no? I’m with you on the star scandals as well. While I can get behind a little not encouraging very young musical acts from dating, or maybe even trying to keep a relationship quiet for privacy’s sake, the idea that an adult entering a consensual dating relationship would or should ruin a career is so outside my realm of understanding.

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Amy: I think the actors did a great job getting their characters’ feelings across. Some people complained about the female lead being a little stiff but I didn’t see that. I did see her character distancing herself from Xingyu because she wanted the best for him and didn’t think that included her but I don’t think the actress was stiff. Oh and when Xin decided she was going to love Xingyu after the airplane turbulence I was very surprised. It just seemed really sudden and I was not expecting them to just jump into it. Ha ha!

Kate: I enjoyed Yang Mi’s performance. Like you, I thought one could explain much of her standoffishness as an attempt at being professional. She was trying to work as her ex-boyfriend’s agent, and do her best to better her career. I think that would require a certain amount of emotional control that could read as stiffness. I wish we would have learned a little more about how she resurrected her career after the blackmail, though. I wanted to make sure her dreams of her career weren’t ruined by their romance. What was she doing that year when he was writing and recording his album inspired by her departure, and becoming an even bigger star? Inspiring a hit album is nice, but a girl’s gotta eat.

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Amy: I guess that would be my biggest complaint about the film. It just felt like a lot was left out. I was satisfied with it overall but I wanted to know more at the same time. I guess they just need to develop a drama based on it. Hee hee!

Kate: I think the good outweighed the critiques I have of it. I was able to get a lot of the highs of a longer drama with not as many of the lows. Besides, it was also fun to get a complete romance in just a little over an hour.

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What did you think of the film? Was it a short, sweet romance or did you long for something deeper? Let us know on the discussion boards.


Fall in Love Like a Star

Starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng

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