Who are they? These handsome heroes may be working right next to you or living in your neighborhood, but often they would roam in the dark of the night to carry out their missions. They are also quite attractive under their mask or disguise. They are our secret romantic heroes in K-drama land.

1. City HunterLee Min Ho is our hero on a revenge mission to uncover deep secrets at the highest level in the government. He is doubly disguised as an intelligence specialist in the Blue House (South Korea's White House) and dons a fashionable mask, which barely covers his handsome visage, for his stealth missions. Romance is also in the air as he meets fellow agent Park Min Young.


2. HealerJi Chang Wook is a freelance agent who falls in love with mission target Park Min Young. It turns out that the two are mysteriously connected in very surprising ways. His effort to get closer to his love interest by disguising himself to work in her office, almost like Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Superman, also leads to many hilarious scenes. Healer is a fantastic drama combining thrilling suspense with tantalizing romance. 

3. Yong PalJoo Won plays a skilled surgeon who moonlights for gangsters and gets embroiled in secret plots at the hospital. He falls in love with beautiful heiress Kim Tae Hee, who has been in a coma, and decides to help her triumph over her evil brother, perhaps not realizing how much he would sacrifice for love.

4. Bridal Mask (aka Gaksital) - Joo Won puts on a traditional bridal mask to fight for freedom in this captivating period drama that took place during the era when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. He also falls in love with Jin Se Yeon, who at first despised him without knowing his secret identity. Be ready with a box of tissues when you watch this emotion-rending drama.

5. Neighborhood HeroPark Shi Hoo buys a cozy neighbor bar that frequently appears to be visited by spies and ex-spies, with the beautiful Girls' Generation Yuri working as a waitress. While searching for the traitor responsible for his friend's death, he also intervenes to fight neighborhood crooks, earning him the "Shadow" nickname. Bumbling rookie Lee Soo Hyuk gets hilariously mistaken by squealing admirers as the masked hero, 


Neighborhood Hero

Starring Park Shi Hoo and Kwon Yu Ri

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Which hero is your favorite? Could your ideal type be a secret hero?


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