The weather outside is crisp, and there's nothing better than cozying up and watching romantic new movies on a Saturday night. This autumn, we invite you to fall in love with these exciting double features for DramaFever Movie Night. 

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1. So I Married an Anti-fan (November 19)

Starring  Park Chan Yeoul and Seo Joo Hyun

EXO’s Park Chan Yeol ( Salut d’Amour, Roommate), Girls’ Generation’s Seo Joo Hyun (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) and Yuan Shan Shan (Beauties of the Emperor, Palace) star in a South Korean-Chinese collaboration that proves being an idol is actually really hard when you have to live with your biggest anti-fan. Fang Miao Miao (Yuan Shan Shan) is a struggling journalist working for a magazine in Shanghai. One day, she sees the extremely popular Hallyu star Hou Zhun (Park Chan Yeol) at a nightclub. At that time, however, the star in question is in a potentially compromising position with fellow idol Ai Lin (Seo Joo Hyun). Immediately, as is the case with reporters, Miao Miao snaps some pictures. And, as is the case with celebrities whose careers can go south very quickly, Hou Zhun destroys the evidence. However, fearing both the destruction of his image and potential fallout with Ai Lin’s boyfriend and fellow star Gao Xiang (8090 member and Ice Fantasy alum Jiang Chao), Hou Zhun goes a bit overboard and also uses his industry connections to get the struggling reporter fired. Since that day, Miao Miao becomes Hou Zhun’s biggest anti-fan, engaging in protests against him both in person and online. But, as fate would have it, the rivalry between the idol and his most ardent follower actually creates its own fan following, and the two are approached to take part in a reality show where they have to be a couple. Jobless and soon to be homeless, Miao Miao accepts having to live with the man she hates. Eventually, as their physical distances evaporate, their emotional closeness grows. But can this Hallyu idol and anti-fan ever accept each other as partners in life, or will their marriage end up being as fake as reality television?


So I Married an Anti-Fan (2016)

Starring Park Chan Yeol and Yuan Shan Shan

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2. Fall In Love Like a Star (November 19)

Starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng

Yang Mi (Les Interpretes) and Golden-Horse winner Li Yifeng star in a romantic drama that shows how difficult it is to love someone when you have left them, but even tougher is to truly leave them if you ever loved them. Su Xingyu (Li Yifeng) is known as the “Prince of Pop Music.” Tian Xin (Yang Mi) is an agent at the company that represents the pop music nobility. Five years ago, Su Xingyu was a rookie actor and Tian Xin a rookie assistant. They had a budding relationship but distance and time simply meant it wasn’t to be. Now, years later, the two meet once again, this time as star and manager. However, falling in love isn’t that simple. Not only did their relationship last end on decidedly unlovely terms, there’s the added complication that Xingyu cannot be in a relationship right now for the sake of protecting his idol status. Will the two, who perhaps once felt they could be something special, be able to rediscover that flame, or does falling in love like a star mean you never ride off into the sunset?


Fall in Love Like a Star

Starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng

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3.  So Young 2: Never Gone (November 26)

Starring Kris Wu and  Liu Yi Fei

Former EXO heartthrob Kris Wu (Mr. Six) and Liu Yi Fei (White Vengeance) star in a romantic drama that proves if someone was destined to be in your life, even time can’t tear them away. Su Yunjin (Liu Yi Fei) is a struggling high school student from a regional town. Cheng Zheng (Kris Wu) is a rich heir and the star student who sits behind her. The heir falls in love with the likeable Su Yunjin and decides to pursue her, even after they graduate and start living in different cities. Eventually, after they have graduated from their university, Su Yunjin finally accepts Cheng Zheng’s love, and the two move in together. However, the lovebirds soon realize they may have jumped the love gun; with way too many differences in both their backgrounds and their personalities, the two prove incompatible and drift apart. Years later, Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng have established successful careers and end up moving into the same neighborhood. Different relationships, different circumstances and different times mean a lot has changed, but Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng are still not quite able to settle into their new lives because, perhaps, it is as if they never moved on from each other. Can they rekindle what they once had because their love was never gone or, just like last time, will they come to the bitter realization that true love was never there to begin with?


So Young 2: Never Gone

Starring Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei

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4. The Last Women Standing (November 26)

Shu Qi (A Beautiful Life, If You Are the One 2) and Eddie Peng (Honey and Clover, Sound of the Desert) star in a romantic comedy that shows if you can’t find love, it will find you. Sheng Ruxi (Shu Qi) is a career-driven, thirty-something Shanghai bachelorette, whose name even rhymes with the slang term “sheng nu,” or “leftover woman.” Her mother (Tiger Mom alum Pan Hong), worried about Sheng not having found the right spouse yet, pushes her daughter to be with Dr. Bai (1911 actor Xing Jiadong). Unfortunately, Sheng Ruxi finds the doctor oddly annoying and has no real wish to settle down with him, but she does want to meet that special someone. Meanwhile, joining her company is Ma Sai (Eddie Peng), her handsome new 25-year-old colleague who she decides she wants to spend the rest of her life with, much to the chagrin of her mother. And while he doesn’t share her mother’s opinion, Sheng Ruxi also doesn’t receive support from her father (veteran actor Shih Chieh King), who instead tries to explain to her that she doesn’t need to be nervous about her age and should not rush into anything. Sheng Ruxi, however, is worried that time is running out and realizes that if she doesn’t make her move with Ma Sai now, the chance may never come again. Can our increasingly nervous bachelorette win this battle of the heart or will she once again attend another wedding and leave as the last woman standing?


The Last Women Standing

Starring Shu Qi and Eddie Peng

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Which of these movies will be keeping you warm and cozy?