Nature is very important to the people of Japan, where every season brings with it a distinct beauty and serenity. In the fall, the Japanese take the time to appreciate the changing colors of tree leaves, called koyou, when green foliage turns into beautiful shades of yellow, orange, brown and red. This year, some folks started creating art with the leaves that had already fallen and shared their masterpieces online, proving that autumn leaves are just as beautiful on the ground as they are high up in the trees.

Observing the changing colors of autumn leaves is a national pastime in Japan, much like enjoying cherry blossoms in the springtime. Because leaves change color only at a very specific time of year, there is a very short window for those who wish to catch the multicolored foliage at their most beautiful. But for some, taking long tours around the country to catch the leaves at the right time and place aren't necessary, especially with all the beauty that lies right under the tress, even in metropolitan areas. As it gets colder, leaves fall, and what better way to appreciate the colors of nature than to make awesome art with it?

Called ochiba art, or "fallen-leaf art," netizens from all over Japan have been creating art with leaves on the ground and posting their works online. The works range from beautiful but simple rose petals to an elaborate Pikachu, and of course, they are all original and very colorful. Despite how different the finished artwork is, they all have one thing in common — they remind us that beauty in nature exists everywhere, even on the ground we walk on.

Aren't they beautiful?


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