This week, the thing we all have been dreading, every day since Min Ho found out he had Dong Wook’s heart, has finally come out! The cat's out the bag, the jig is up, the truth has set us free? Join Amy and me as we delve into this week’s episodes of Falling in Love with Soon Jung! By the way, Akua has taken a leave of absence this week (with Min Ho’s approval of course), but she will be back for the finale!

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Ekun: So about that man Joon Hee… Just when you think he could not reach an all time low, he surprises you with another bitch move, i.e. revealing Dong Wook’s heart recipient as Min Ho and thinking he is justified in doing so! Joon Hee? YOU KILLED DONG WOOK DUDE!!! That leg you claim to stand on? Does not exist!

Amy: I was expecting Joon Hee to tell Soon Jung about the heart thing, but not in front of a lot of people like that. I guess he was so pissed he didn’t care. That is what you get for trying to fool Min Ho, Joon Hee! He’s played your game before! I was kind of sad that Soon Jung wouldn’t even talk to Min Ho though. I totally get being upset and needing time and space but to not even try to have a conversation irks me.

Ekun: Unfortunately, I was not understanding of her feelings towards the situation. I for one would be grateful if the person I loved was able to help someone else live on. He didn’t illegally steal Dong Wook’s heart, he didn’t kill Dong Wook, and he didn’t even wish to take a person so important away from you. So to completely cut him off as if he did something wrong, and not even explain, was a “no go” for me. However, Min Ho on the other hand was pretty bomb. Him fooling Joon Hee, him secretly supporting Soon Jung, and him being so good to Dong Wook’s dad. Just goodie good good goodness from Min Ho. By the way, I totally loved the moment Dong Wook’s dad said he knew Min Ho had Dong Wook’s heart! It was such a beautiful moment for me,

Amy: I wish Soon Jung would have reacted more like Dong Wook’s dad. I guess she let Joon Hee get in her head so she thought that she only liked Min Ho because he had Dong Wook’s heart and was displaying some of Dong Wook’s characteristics. Sigh. Anyway, I got a little teary eyed when Dong Wook’s dad told Min Ho he thinks that it is amazing that Min Ho has Dong Wook’s heart. I also thought it was funny when Min Ho impersonated Dong Wook’s dad. Hee hee! I love both of those guys. They are awesome.

Ekun: They are awesome. Moving away from the cute moments, we move into the gritty bad guy moments; again starring Joon Hee! Trying to beat up a man who is a person of interest by the police? Doesn’t that seem reckless? Also, Noh Yong Bae desperation, while understandable, is not excusable! I don’t understand why he didn’t take the black box recording to the police after he decided to turn himself in! What was Min Ho going to do with it, that he couldn’t wait until it was given to the authorities?

Amy: I think that Young Bae wanted Min Ho to go to media outlets so that everyone will know what a bad guy Joon Hee is and run his name through the dirt. It would have been better to go straight to the police because everything would have gone more smoothly but Young Bae was out for revenge. I don’t agree with his methods but I’m pretty sure that is what Young Bae was thinking. Oh and he wanted the money from Min Ho. He wouldn’t have gotten that if he went straight to the police.

Ekun: I understand the money, but I needed him to make copies! I can’t stand when criminals are dumb! Anyway, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! Thank you for asking Soon Jung about the watch! For the life of me, I could not fathom why Joon Hee would wear anything that was given to him by Dong Wook. Despite Dong Wook buying it, Joon Hee thinks it was a gift from Soon Jung. I also love how Woo Sik is always at Wendy’s side. I really do think they can work it out!

Amy: I was thinking the watch wasn’t even Joon Hee’s style. It looked wrong on him but yeah. It’s no surprise he wears it since he thinks it is from Soon Jung. I think Joon Hee is delusional. I’m pretty sure he convinced himself that he had good reason to kill Dong Wook and Soon Jung will somehow be okay with it. Anyway, I’m hoping Min Ho still has the video or made copies before he went to the station. Something. Someone needs to put Joon Hee in his place and bring him back to reality. I wonder what smirky Gold Partners woman will do when she finds out about Joon Hee. I’m pretty sure we won’t have to watch her smirk anymore! That would be nice. I think Woo Sik and Wendy will work out too. He’ll wear her down one of these days and she’ll start looking for him. Ha ha!

Ekun: True love always wears you down! I am totally kidding, but he will wear Wendy down. Speaking of Golden Partner girl, is it me or does her character seems more and more off? At first I was like, “Oh--so she is about the revenge and whatnot for Min Ho.” Now I am like, “Why are you even a character in this show again?” She just seems so random to me. But I will be glad when they are rid of her. Also, the fact that Joon Hee is able to pique her interest is annoying. They should be done because he has had too many mess ups, right? Anyway, Min Ho was struck in the head by a pipe… this could go either way show. But I am currently not happy.

Amy: Joon Hee really should be fired already. None of his plans work but I guess they sound good on paper which is why they keep him around. Min Ho was having some issues before he was hit with a pipe that were making me nervous too. Blurred vision and stuff like that. I’m hoping it is a fixable problem but I think his injury will bring Soon Jung closer to him or at least I hope so. It should ignite her protective instincts anyway. Like I said, though, someone better have made copies of that video!

Uh oh! Was a copy made? Join us next week for the finale! Peace!

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