With every move towards the beauty of love — loving a woman, loving his father, loving himself —Min Ho begins to follow his true path, while every calculating move on the part of Joon Hee brings him closer to self-destruction on Falling in Love with Soon Jung!

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Akua: Ladies, I have to admit that these episodes did annoy me quite a bit. HOW IN THE WORLD is Stalker Creeper Joon Hee constantly short-circuiting everything Min Ho and Soon Jung plan? I hate it when KDramas give the bad guys all the insights into what the good guys are doing! It’s sooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Who is giving Joon Hee all this information? And what is UP with that woman who works for Gold Partners? Does anyone even know her NAME? My hand is itching to slap the smirk off her face!

Amy: Joon Hee was driving me crazy too. Joon Hee claims to know all the ins and outs of the company so that is how he put a stop to everything. Yeah...the Gold Partners lady shouldn’t even be around. I don’t get why they keep showing her. I just don’t like her. Also, when will Joon Hee slip up and get caught? I’m ready for that now. He is way too overconfident.

Ekun: I was not annoyed--I was seething with anger and venom towards Joon Hee! His logic is completely… Never mind, he has no logic, Just greed. I always ask why his oh girl from Golden Partner is so mad at Min Ho? Did he “love” her and leave her? She acts like it. I hate to think that, and hope it is about the game and not a man, but we know how Kdrama do.

Akua: Joon Hee is crazy. Officially, totally - a psychopath in every which way. He’s arrogant, entitled, enjoys causing pain AND has no innovative bone in his body. What was all that strutting around “how you like me now that I’m you” crapola he was pulling? BOY, PLEASE! Take five seats to the left! Ain’t nobody thinking about you right now, okay? NOBODY! You can’t even have a good comeback story? You have to take Min Ho’s style? Son! Sooooon! #stop. He’s gripped in his own fantasies about revenge and justice. But hey, when you kill your BF and cause the death of your father, I guess you have to justify your evil someway enh?

Amy: Like, he is so far gone that he thinks Soon Jung will love him. Where is your brain right now? It is definitely not with the rest of the world. I’m wondering what will happen when he spills the beans about Min Ho having Dong Wook’s heart but I don’t think it will be too big of a hindrance. Or at least I hope not. I just want Joon Hee to fail at everything right now.

Ekun: I was just thankful Min Ho finally asked the question asked around the globe, “How can you stand so confidently next to Soon Jung when you did that to Dong Wook?!” I know that has always been my issue with Joon Hee… Besides him being a whiny little *censored*. Joon Hee will fail at everything because he is only concerned with pleasing himself and his greed. He really is the next Uncle Chairman. Enough to make me sad; but not enough to keep me from spitting in his face!

Akua: Every step that he has taken has brought him closer and closer to revealing the beast he’s always been. While in the reverse, every step that Min Ho has taken is bringing him closer to the beauty that lay within him. When Min Ho and Soon Jung go to the plantation for the herbal ingredient, she realizes that Min Ho never caught a break in his whole life - he’s always had to fend for himself. And that’s the thing, Min Ho didn’t have anyone to take care of him for most of his life whereas crazy Joon Hee did! And he had loving friends who were there as well. Joon Hee watched as Uncle Chairman did dirt and even participated in the dirt, excusing his actions as necessary for his advancement or whatever foolishness went through his brain. Joon Hee was always beastly. He just hid it well.

Amy: Yep. Greed is like a beast. It takes a hold of you and doesn’t let go if you aren’t careful. I’m loving how adorable Min Ho is becoming although I do still miss his bad boy side.

Ekun: About that Greed. It reminds me how it is one of the 7 deadly sins along with envy and pride. Joon Hee has become so consumed with all the greed, pride, and envy that he can’t even see or think straight. I just need him to disappear. Mafia style or as if he never was born. I love me some Bad Boy Min Ho! Adorable Min Ho is cute too… I am really concerned how things are going to pan out now that Soon Jung is going to discover that he has Dong Wook’s heart. I hope that it blows up in Joon Hee’s face, and Soon Jung clings on to Min Ho even more. However, I feel like show is going to play me and have them ‘break up’ for something that no one has control over.

Akua: I love how strong Soon Jung is! At first you think she’s a wallflower and a mat for everyone to step over but then you realize how much power she has based on her institutional knowledge. She is the “MAN” when it comes to everything! She knows all the ins and outs! She’s got all the secret information tucked under the left side of her bang! She’s also very compassionate and sympathetic as well. She feels deeply but is quite mature. What about Woo Shik and Wendy though? Who expected THAT to happen? Wendy takes no prisoners! I can’t imagine she would like a “wuss” like Woo Shik! I was really rooting for the other secretary that he always teases.

Amy: Yeah. I’m finally realizing how awesome Soon Jung is. It took me long enough. I’m glad she isn’t a boring pushover. It is very appreciated and needed in dramas. Sigh. Woo Shik and Wendy. I like it but I wanted him with the other secretary so I need to pout for a little while before I accept them.

Ekun: First, I would like to say how I like Wendy, but she is what my BFF and I would call “Extra”! Her beating up Min Ho last week? It was supposed to be comical, but all I could think was, “this is how you treat people who pay your salary with their tax dollars?! Girl Bye” Second, I am all for Wendy and Woo Sik! I felt like they would make a better pairing because he is such a little baby punk! They will be able to balance each other out or she will manhandle him. Kekeke Either way, I like it!

Akua: She really did beat up Min Ho like she had lost her mind! She needs to chill though on all of that. I know she’s rough and tough but uuuuuh, whew! But Woo Shik as a “baby punk”? HAHAHAHA! Loooove that! Pause though -- WHY did Noh Yong Bae threaten Joon Hee? Now this crazy man ran down his main man, left him to die AND you were witness to it? Now why, on God’s green Earthy, would you go to the murderer demanding money? Especially someone with as much power as Joon Hee? Do you NOT watch Kdramas? I mean, what? I’m just saying. I’m juuuuust saying. If you find yourself dead somewhere in an alley, oh well. Who’s to blame?

Amy: Woo Bae is just so desperate to save his wife that he’ll do anything. I get it but I wish he would just go to the police because you know that Joon Hee is not going to help him. He could care less about blackmail at this point and will use his power to bring Woo Bae down. Seriously, though, when is Joon Hee going to go away? I am sick of his face.

Ekun: We have all determined that Joon Hee is a killer. If he had no qualms about killing his so called Best Friend, he will not bat an eye when it comes to killing Noh Yong Bae! But if he goes to the police, he will be charged as an accessory to murder/ aiding and abetting. For he saw him lying on the ground, and did. Nothing! While I am sympathetic (as much as one can be) to his plight, he cannot get a pass for letting an innocent man die.

Akua: Amy, giiiiirlaaaa, we are ALL tired of Joon Hee’s face. I can’t wait for him to go down in a flaming pit of self-hatred! And as much as I love me some Min Ho, WHY, OH WHY, OOOOH WHY did he accuse Joon Hee of killing Dong Wook? Why not just take it to Wendy? You just gave this man the upper hand in the situation! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! *shredding random Ramen packets in frustration*

Amy: Min Ho just got all excited and caught up in the moment like a kid who just discovered a huge secret and can’t keep it to himself. Things will get harder for him now but he’ll make it through. I think Wendy is finally realizing that what Min Ho says does make sense but she hasn’t fully accepted all of it.

Ekun: Akua, are we going to cook that ramen you just shredded up? Because it is past my dinner time and I have not ate yet! I get why Min Ho said it--but my sneaky nature was a bit taken aback. Because I would have never let me know what I thought or knew to be true. But I did need him to ask that question about being next to Soon Jung. I really think that Joon Hee has been living in a fantasy world! That is the Count of Monte Cristo stuff! Sending you BFF off to his death for his boo? Ugh!

Akua: Ekun - giiiirlaaaaaaa, I can throw DOWN on some Ramen! Don’t make me spice that up with some seasoned chicken, veggies and paprika! Let’s talk Halmoni! Tell me you didn’t love it when she told Resting-StankFace Gold Partners Evil Woman to “shut up!” HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you feel the love when she’s finally alone with Min Ho and asks him that simple question, “Have you eaten?” *sniff sniff* That touched me. And how tender was that scene when she explains to Min Ho why she helped him? In fact, Episode 12 had nothing but sweet tender scenes. The feeeeeeeeeels! Tell me you didn’t cry when Papa Ma came to talk to Soon Jung to tell her to release Dong Wook from her heart? *full blown out cry* He’s sooo sweet! If I’m ever in a KDrama, I want him to be my Abeoji! Can you request your own Abeoji?

Amy: I mean, I love feisty old ladies. They are the best. She needs to be a regular in my opinion. She is just plain awesome. When she asked if Min Ho had eaten I realized there had to be a connection of some kind. I knew how great Min Ho’s dad was but man. He was too awesome for words. I’m glad Min Ho is finally trying to model his life after his dad. I cried like a baby when he was talking to his dad while eating the soup though. It was very sweet but poor Min Ho is so lonely! I also cried when Papa Ma talked to Soon Jung. I’m glad he told her to let Dong Wook go because she needed to hear it. Why wouldn’t you be able to request your own Abeoji, Akua? I don’t think that is asking too much!

Ekun: I adored how Dad and Dong Wook came to “visit” Min Ho and Soon Jung. Min Ho got to let go of some guilt, anger, and misunderstanding; to gain peace of mind when it came to his dad. I am not sure if he is modeling himself after him, but I do think he will remember the good times and glean the goodness that made him love his Abeoji. Soon Jung got to bury and let go of Dong Wook with his visit. She will never forget him, and that is okay, but she will be able to move on because that is what the living has to do… Keep it moving.

Akua: Amy!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS! Love it! I have him as my Abeoji! *making aegyo faces*. The tears came out on the last episode though! Whew! When Min Ho almost kneeled in front of Evil Hoo? #breathcaughtinthroat. And HOLD UP, was there some crazy foreshadowing with that voice over by Soon Jung when they went to the plantation? IF THOSE WRITERS KILL OFF MIN HO………………….I am not responsible for my actions. I’m just saying!

Amy: I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT!! If they kill him off I will be throwing all of the things within reach at my television. NOT HAPPY TIMES, OKAY WRITERS? I’m hoping Soon Jung will just escape for a little bit and Min Ho will come and find her. I will not be able to handle Min Ho passing away well at all.

Ekun: Dear writers: If you decide to take away our corporate boo Kang Min Ho, we cannot be held responsible for our actions. Please note--this is not a threat. We all have plane tickets to your location and will find you. That is a PROMISE! Sincerely FILWSJ DC.

Akua: Hahahaha! Ekun, I love it! And Writers, we are SOOOO not playing. We have ways and means okay? Ways and means! Do NOT play with our hearts when it comes to our Corporate HubBoo Kang Min Ho. We. Will. Find. You. Ahem! On that note, I’m excited for the next episodes!

What about you? Are you as excited for the next episodes as we are? How will Soon Jung react to the news about Min Ho carrying Dong Wook’s heart? Will Joon Hee ever stop?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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