There are so many ways to say things did not go according to plan in the last two episodes, but my personal favorite is quoting Mayer Hawthorne’s It Just Ain’t Working Out! Falling In Love With Soon Jung was an emotional rollercoaster that ended with our resident Bad Boy turning a new leaf in life. I am kind of sad to see him go, but as the world changes; so must we. Join Amy, Akua, and me as we delve into all the realities that Just Ain’t Working Out this week!

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Ekun: Min Ho, Chairman Uncle, Joon Hee, Factory workers, etc. Nothing seem to go according to plan! Where should we start first? Let’s start with the fact that until the bitter end, Chairman Uncle sucks! It is pitiable to see his life amounted to only his title and his greed. I would think one would want to be remembered for something greater--thoughts?

Amy: I think to the Chairman his position is something great and that is why he wants to be remembered for it. He is just a selfish, selfish man that only thinks about himself and how to get what he wants all the way to the end. It’s sad but there is no chance for him to change now is there?

Akua: Talk about unexpected conclusions! Talk about drama! Talk about misplaced priorities and obsessions! Whew! I thought Chairman Uncle was going to hold out to the very bitter end of the series! I presume the man shot himself but still, goooood grief! What kind of nonsense is that? How sad was it when he wrote that letter? “Before I am a father or a husband, I’m the CEO!”? Really? What a wasted life!

Ekun: That is done and over with. And because he is dead, Min Ho’s revenge, though accomplished, didn’t quite work out according to plan either. But what I really appreciated was the way the show resolved Min Ho’s conclusion of his revenge and even his feelings towards his Uncle.

Amy: Yeah. It’s pretty awesome watching Min Ho mature and figure out what he really wants in life instead of just focusing on the revenge that was causing him guilt. I’m not sure what will happen now that he knows he has Dong Wook’s heart but I hope he stays on track.

Akua: So many times we see characters who just bounce back from horrible events like it’s nothing. But in this case, the way the writers allowed Min Ho to grieve was appropriate for the personality of the character and for the situation! He was by himself - like he’s always been - rejecting outside help, just allowing himself to be. It gave a depth to his character that I enjoyed. It’s a great segue to what happens later.

Ekun: I like what his doctor told him--he has a new heart, but he is still Min Ho. He is able to make his own choices and can change only if he wants to. 

Speaking of change, Joon Hee has upped his came of creepy stalker! That big picture on the wall? I thought I was watching an anime with that extreme guy confessing his love! *shiver*

Amy: I know Min Ho agreed with the doctor but I’m thinking the fact that he has Dong Wook’s heart might deter him a little. I think he’ll come back around, though, because he likes Soon Jung so much. Don’t even get me started about that huge photo on Joon Hee’s wall! 

That man is getting worse with each episode. What girl would like a picture like that? Also, how is it okay to injure people to clear them out from a strike and then ask for the girl to understand you? He just does not make sense at all. He is greedy and selfish like the Chairman.

Akua: The new heart gave him a new lease on life and choices. Before, even when he was in the middle of his plan for revenge, he was never happy. There was no true peace or joy from what he was doing. Now, he’s been handed the possibility of living a full and beautiful life! He doesn’t have to feel imprisoned by his past. And yoooo, what is wrong with Joon Hee? He’s so condescending and crazy! He assumes that Soon Jung will want him - why? Because he’s got power now? Soon Jung was never about that life! #donewiththatpicturetho #stalkerlevelupped

Ekun: Tell me about it! Especially when she has a personality like Soon Jung. She is nice. Like, Super Duper Nice! How is she going to “pop bottles” and congratulate you after doing such things? Does he really not know her at all?!

Amy: I guess not! I think he has this image of Soon Jung and expects her to fit that image but she doesn’t. Like, how are you just going to assume that a woman will be with you after you become CEO? I’m glad that didn’t work out for him because I have a feeling she would have tried out of obligation. You don’t have to try to like someone just because he has liked you for 20 years! I don’t understand how he hasn’t moved on by now.

Ekun: Sweet Lord yes! How many times have we seen girls like Soon Jung try to make something out of nothing? But I tell you something that might work out: Min Ho and Soon Jung! No, it did not go the way our beloved bad boy wanted, but he still got a reciprocated kiss! I think that is pretty good for it being week 4!

Akua: Ekun, hahaha about popping bottles! Yeeeeah, uhm. No. Baby girl is not about to congratulate you on the weasel move Joon Hee. You obviously don’t know her like you think you do! As for Min Ho and Soon Jung? That tender moment in the car with those sweet kisses had my little heart just a fluttering away y’all *insert Southern belle voice* My goodness! I was kind of upset when the tow truck hit that bump and they stopped kissing! The scene should have ended with them just allowing that love to grow.

Amy: I think they’ll work out too. That was a sweet kiss and confession. I just wish Soon Jung hadn’t said that it was a mistake. Sigh. It was awesome, however, how she said that she will help and protect Min Ho while he is making his transition into a better man.

Ekun: Soon Jung’s 50 millionth strike: SAYING KISSING MIN HO WAS A DRUNKEN MISTAKE!!! I find her character pretty dismal and say, “whatever” to her most of the time--but the injustice against my boo Min Ho was just unreal. I know she is concerned about ahjussi and the factory workers, but Min Ho was keeping it 100, and she spit all over that. *sobs sobs*

Akua: I loved how she encouraged his transition. She sees the real Min Ho and isn’t afraid to stand up with him. Did you see how she took his side in the ER when they were all ganging up on him and he didn’t even defend himself? She’s got chutzpah, that one!

Amy: I’m having a hard time understanding why all of these men like her. Yeah she is pretty and loyal to the people she loves but to me she is also pretty bland so far. I really hope that the writers give her some more spunk or something. Maybe explain to us why she is so great? I guess because she is nice too? I don’t know. I was proud of Min Ho for admitting how he is really feeling instead of trying to hide everything and be cool. You need to communicate! Soon Jung will come to him eventually.

Ekun: She will. I mean, the show revealed that fact from episode one, and confirms it every time these two interact with each other. I have decided to give up on understanding why all these men like her. It is apparent that Joon Hee is fostering an obsession, Dong Wook simply loved her for her, and Min Ho is feeling things he never felt because of her. She is boring, but she is bold enough to do what she thinks is right--even against Min Ho. Having someone like that around is enough to make anyone feel something, right?

Akua: Hmm, okay, I’m gonna be the dissenting voice here ladies. I think we’re starting to see more of what makes Soon Jung attractive. She’s empathic and sympathetic but she also has a moral core that doesn’t bend. We’ve seen just how many times she’s quietly stood up for the workers to Min Ho, how she’s always bringing new plans and projects to him, how she tells him about her father’s legacy, right? We’ve seen her talk to him about who he really is - no one else takes the time to understand him. And we’ve seen how she helped out Chairman Uncle in his despair. Even crazy Joon Hee! She told him that she wasn’t gonna take any house from him, she was okay living where she lived and there was no way that she was going to be cool with him sending a gang to beat up defenseless workers. There’s more of a quiet grace in her character than the usual spit-fire female lead. She’s not a walk-over but she doesn’t blow up in people’s faces. Bottom line? I like her!

What you are you all thinking about a resident heartbreak Soon Jung? Love her? Hate her? Or just don't care as long as Min Ho gets what he wants in the end? Join is again next week as more pieces of Dong Wook's murder comes to light, and Min Ho goes head to head with Joon Hee for the company!

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