The past is coming back to haunt Joon Hee, but will it affect his future? Dong Wook's past is affecting Min Ho and Soon Jung as well. What will be in store for them on Falling in Love with Soon Jung? Come and discuss the possibilities with Ekun, Akua, and me (Amy)!

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Amy: Joon Hee’s big secret is out now! Well, to us anyway. He was responsible for Dong Wook’s murder and his dad even took the blame for it! He’ll be able to get away with it if he chooses but I’m thinking that the fact that his dad took the blame and died will eat away at him and it will definitely affect the plans that he has in place.


Ekun: The biggest shock was the reality that he actually killed Dong Wook! I knew that he knew, but I was convinced that he didn’t actually hit his own friend with the car. And to make matters worse, he involved 2 others in his mess! I could “understand” the bout of irrationality when he initially hit Dong Wook, but to leave him there to die? Purposefully? You so like totally suck dude! How can you look Soon Jung in the eyes like you did not murder her lover and your friend? He needs to disappear… *Mob boss Ekun makes an appearance*

Akua: He has become truly despicable. We all kind of guessed that he was a mess but these episodes right here? These episodes have shown us the full blown crazy! And boy am I glad that Soon Jung was never involved with this creep! Not only has he been nursing a one-sided obsession for 24!!?? (who DOES that?) years, he’s also been doing dirt for the Chairman AND got so cray-cray that he killed his own best friend???!!! Saaay whaaaaat? But you know what? I’m pretty sure that he hated Dong Wook all along! Murderer! Now he done gone and “murdered” his father too! Special place in hell for that kind. And I don’t think he’ll change. In fact I think he’ll get worse.

Amy: You could be right that he won’t change, but I’m thinking that he will; just not until the very end and by then it will be too late. I was so happy that Soon Jung just completely cut him off. I don’t know how long that will last but I think that it will be good for her. She definitely does not need that kind of person around her. In fact, she should probably find out what he did so that she will stay far away from him and not be tempted to go to him because of their 24 year relationship. The man is just bad news and there is no good in him.

Akua: RIGHT! He’s nurtured bitterness in his heart for 24 good years (as they say, back home), never releasing it so that he can be healed. He’s been feeding himself off of resentment, revenge, desperation, and fantasies of being with Soon Jung for so long that he has lost any sense of appropriateness. All those years of feeling stepped on, and pushed over and looked down on erupted in one moment of unadulterated evil that led him to kill his own bestie. SMH. And the present madness that he’s involved in? It’s gonna be a past that affects his crazy future!


Ekun: Unfortunately, I had a small twinge of sympathy for Joon Hee when he realized dad killed himself, and Soon Jung rolled on him. For in that moment it was painfully obvious that Joon Hee was totally, utterly, absolutely alone in the world. Perhaps because I can identify with the feeling, or because I was upset with daddy for committing suicide--I felt it. However, I quickly regained my senses when I realized Joon Hee’s loneliness was a consequence of his actions: bitterness, complex, murder, etc.

Amy: I’m not sure how much of a future he’ll have once Detective Na finds out what is going on. I mean, she’s got Min Ho helping her now. That means everything will go smoothly right? Ha ha! I do find it interesting how Dong Wook’s accident is appearing in Min Ho’s dreams so that he can help the investigation. It is like Dong Wook has unfinished business and he wants the case taken care of.

Akua: Absolutely! Dong Wook’s heart is crying out for justice! And Min Ho is the one who’s going to be ensuring that justice happens! I like how we got some more insight into Soon Jung’s past. All her seeming coldness comes from having matured much too quickly when she spent that decade taking care of her father. I can’t imagine how she must have learned to sacrifice, stuff her feelings in, work tirelessly and constantly be both sympathetic and empathetic to her dad! It explains why she does what she does and how much Dong Wook must have meant to her. She can’t give herself permission to be human when Min Ho wants her to just grieve!

Amy: Yeah. Being a caretaker is exhausting physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Dong Wook was a strong presence for her, who was with her through all of her hard times. So I get why she is throwing herself into her work and wanting to do her best for her job. I think some of that is emerging feelings for Min Ho, but I don’t think she has fully acknowledged those feelings yet because Dong Wook just passed away. Her relationship with Dong Wook gives her an example of what she should look for in a future relationship, though! I loved how Min Ho finally got her to let her emotions out. Poor girl needed that cry!

Ekun: Everyone needs to a good cry. I am not a person who likes to force a feeling because eventually, one will break down when they are ready and able to deal with everything around them. It was good that Min Ho was able to help Soon Jung’s process along, and that he was able to just be there.


Akua: That was one of the best cries I have ever seen in KDrama. I felt that honey! Wheeew! And that’s not just Dong Wook’s heart. I think that having his heart released him to be who he always wanted to be! In that scene when he realizes what it means to be alive? And sees that he’s spent all his life dying (physically and metaphysically), but that isn’t how it has to be now; it opens him up to be who he truly is and has wanted to be FOREVEEEEEEEER! His mannerisms are cute and I’m pretty sure he always had them but they were locked away in the “icy box of revenge” dun dun duuuuuun!

Amy: For sure. The flashbacks of the sweet conversations he had with his dad about love and how that helps in business and then quoting his dad later shows that he had that side to him all along. He was just so set on revenge that he didn’t let it out until he came to the realization that it is time to live. I was super proud of Min Ho in that moment. He’s growing up so quickly! Ha ha!

Ekun: I love that moment as well as his realization that he is undoubtedly in love with Soon Jung. All the shenanigans he went through to try and fight the feeling was priceless. It’s okay Min Ho, That’s Love! (Pun totally intended)


Akua: Awwwww, our Min Ho Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! He has totally stolen this show! I am so curious as to what is going to happen next! We know that Joon Hee has now officially lost his entire mind, and any sense of morality that his poor father tried to instill in him. He’s just going to go after Min Ho with both barrels blazing. And Soon Jung will be caught in the crossfire of his obsession. But what will our Oppa do? His past shows that he doesn’t know how to really do right…

Amy: I’m thinking that Min Ho will rely on his memories of his dad and how he ran his business and Soon Jung’s help. I think that his memories and Soon Jung will guide him along the right path. I’m a little mean. I think it will be funny to watch him struggle with himself along the way.

Akua: He’ll definitely be struggling. Many lollipops will be eaten and soles destroyed in the next few episodes! *giggle* And I’m still hoping that the two secretaries will fall in love! Also, I sincerely hope that Joon Hee has a nervous breakdown of sorts. He deserves that!


Ekun: I just want Min Ho to be true to himself and do what he wants to do. He has been living for revenge and fear of dying for so long, that he finally has an opportunity to “live”. As long as he has Woo Shik, Soon Jung, and a purpose, there is nothing he can’t accomplish… except trying to help Soon Jung roll up her sleeve… when it is not needed. By the way, what overseas country is this popular in?

Akua: Ekun, you’re right. Who folds up sleeves like that as a romantic gesture? I know about the “let me show you how to [swing this golf club/swing this baseball bat]” move but this one Woo Shik talked about? Hmmm, another classic “KDrama” somewhere-in-the-world-this-always-happens and oh-didn’t-you-know-this move. Ha!

Amy: I wouldn’t mind if my husband pulled that move! Okay. Maybe I just want a back hug.

What do you think? Is the future nothing but bleak for our Falling in Love characters? Will Joon Hee get what he wants or will he fold under the guilt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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