It’s all Secrets & Suspense this time around on Falling In Love With Soon Jung. I don’t know about you, but HOW many episodes are we into the series? Because these writers are popping open those secrets left, right, and center like we’ve only got two shows left! Goooooood night! All of you out there in KDrama land, join me (Akua), Ekun, and Amy as we dish on this week’s delicious episodes!

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Akua: Ladies! Secrets and Suspense! Let’s start off with the man we love to hate—Joon Hee! First off–HIGH FIVE ALL ROUND! Did we or did we NOT call it on Joon Hee?? *elevated left eyebrow* Did you catch his cowardly whispering of adoration and love while Soon Joon was on the phone? Are they trying to make us like him? Really though? REALLY? Naaaw, naw.

Ekun: Is that what that moment was for? Because it confirmed what I have been saying about him being a creeper and having a complex. Was I the only one annoyed with baby Joon Hee? Why you afraid to talk to her? How is Dong Wook better than you, other than he never saw Soon Jung as nothing but a person? He can kick rocks (Joon Hee).

Amy: That moment definitely confirmed his Creepy McCreeperson status. It made him look more cowardly too. The only thing Joon Hee is good for is to look at. I’m just sayin’. He’s pretty.

Akua: Oh yes, he is pretty. Those deep soulful eyes and that artfully placed swath of jet-black hair with those impeccably tailored suits all add to his pretty but they sure don’t take away from his ugly! This man gets uglier-acting every episode! As much as he hates the Chairman, all those years sitting under his tutelage made him just like him. Apple didn’t fall far from THAT rotten tree!

Ekun: I got lost in the deep soulful eyes! Ugh, I wish I could say I was disappointed in him, but everything he is doing is as much as I expected. And what makes it even worse, Min Ho, Beelzebub’s BFF when it comes to business, is even looking up side Joon Hee’s head like WTH!

Amy: Yeah...Min Ho is changing and he hasn’t even fully realized that yet. I could tell he was different when he was scolding his uncle for living badly when he is dying soon. He says his head is just full of numbers but there is obviously something else going on up there.

Akua: Min Ho isn’t stupid. And Ekun, you’re right, they keep acting like he’s some small brat tyrant but he’s clever. And he doesn’t skip a beat! Weeeeell, maybe not any business beats! Hehehehe. Right Amy-that was such a poignant scene! He’s berating his Uncle and stops short of verbally castrating him on the spot when he sees the young son. He’s got heart. It’s hidden, bruised, battered and just crying out for me to love him….wait, oops, did I say that out loud? Ahem, I meant for Soon Jung to love him!

Ekun: Are we having a raffle for being Min Ho’s boo? Where can I sign up?! Anyway, I don’t think anyone thinks he is stupid—that is the problem. They know how dangerously clever and calculating he is. That is why uncle is willing to belittle his managers and staff, by bringing up their dirt to keep them loyal to him. And can I just say how in the street I am with Soon Jung acting like he did not slap her last episode? Or am I the only one holding a grudge?

Amy: Why do I have to be married? I want in on the Min Ho raffle! Sigh. I would not be able to hold myself back from getting the chairman in trouble for slapping me and doing shady business. I don’t know how Soon Jung does it. Sure it’s nice to be loyal but when someone is like that you probably shouldn’t be loyal to them anymore. It just doesn’t feel right. I guess it is because she really wants that factory to stay open. She can’t get back at the guy who is fighting for it I guess.

Akua: I have to admit I had no sympathy for Joon Hee when he showed up at the hospital, after Min Ho collapsed from seeing his “phantom” dad again, and saw Min Ho sharing some skin-ship with Soon Jung! I wasted no tears for that man. And oooooh boy, did he get wicked when he found out the Chairman was dying from cancer! Another secret revealed! What is up with these men and their terminal illnesses??? Good grief! Ekun, that Uncle is an ‘OG!’ - Original Gangsta! He’s had all those men followed for years. Yo, you can’t play a playa son. He wins EVERY time. And who is THAT loyal that you have NO grudge when you get wrongfully backhanded? HHHHWHHHAAT??!!

Ekun: I said last week Joon Hee gets no sympathy from me. And now, they revealed what kind of kid he was! That abolished the little crevice of hope I had hidden in the corner of my heart. Uncle, uncle, uncle. You dying—why am I not surprised? After all the crap you did to your brother and his family, you are going out like this. The thing that makes him an OG Akua is that he said he would do it all again!

Amy: Yep. Uncle has no regrets so he should just go now. There is no point in him sticking around longer.

Akua: Ekun, he is a hawt dangerous mess but you know what? He was right about his board members. They’re all slimy two-bit no gooders who would sell their Eomeonis (Mommas) to the highest bidder! Amy, now you know that man won’t ever go. He’ll be dying for the next 10 episodes! So, yeah, Secret Two revealed. The Chairman is dying and we don’t know what will happen to the company with the secret coup d’etat. And now for Secret Two: our Min Ho finds out that Dong Wook is dead. Aeygooooooo!

Ekun: That was a bit of a slap of reality wasn’t it? I am all for saying what needs to be said, but some things are just not beneficial! Every time Min Ho opened his mouth about Dong Wook, I wanted to pop him. Yes he assaulted you, but you don’t know that man’s life… Or what was of his life. But take it as a lesson learned Min Ho.

Amy: At least Min Ho was trying to make up for his mistake. Well, for a little bit. He kind of got frustrated with Soon Jung. Those two need to work on understanding each other better. Poor guy frequently gets misunderstood, but then, he just lets Soon Jung continue to have a bad opinion of him.

Akua: I did cringe a bit whenever Min Ho talked badly of Dong Wook. You know that embarrassment you feel whenever you watch someone on TV act a fool and you want to cover your eyes but can’t? Yeeeah… that was me whenever Min Ho did that. And honestly ladies, let me share a secret. I have yet to bond with Soon Jung. Granted, I like the actress playing her—she was great in I Need Romance3, but this character? She seems like an extra in a play. This should really be titled, “Falling in Love with Min Ho”.

Ekun: I am inclined to agree with you Akua. Soon Jung has not done anything for me as a heroine. She is just... there. Like the thing that makes Dong Wook’s heart react within Min Ho.

Amy: Yeah. I also have no attachment to her. Did you notice Min Ho’s assistant giving Secretary Oh a hard time? Anyone else hoping they become a side couple? Ha ha!

Akua: Yaaaaaaaass! I thought the same thing! They should really become a couple by the end. And how did he know so much about “make-ups”? There are depths to plumb to that assistant. Okay, Secret Three: there was somebody high up behind the Hermia sabotage that No Yong Bae is being chased all over Korea for! And he may not have killed Dong Wook! And oh by the way, I’ve never seen so many shows where cops chase suspects as much as KDrama. I mean, all they ever do is eat ramen and be super cool laid-back blunt-as-the-end-of a brick folk who chase suspects. I kind of want to be a S. Korean cop.

Ekun: Well then you have not seen Ten. That show, those cops, I can’t. Moving on—Ummmm. I was under the impression that Joon Hee and Golden Partner were responsible for the Sabotage. That is why he was laying low (No Yong Bae), they are not after him. They need him to stay hidden so their plan can unfold to take over the company. That is kinda the reason Dong Wook ended up dead. Joon Hee is throwing them under the bus (the factory workers) to get ahead and over his complex. Was that really a secret? Or did I see that wrong?

Akua: It wasn’t a secret to us but it was a secret to the po-po, like all the other secrets in these shows. Somebody knew but somebody else didn’t. But we still don’t know who actually ran over Dong Wook. I presume it’s Joon Hee buuuuuuuut, it could be….Mr X! Throwback to Kill Me Heal Me right?

Amy: It was me. I did it. Sorry ladies. Really, though, I’m not sold that Joon Hee did it. I think he may have gotten someone else to do it, but all we can do is speculate until we find out the truth later.

Akua: AMY!!!! *melodramatically places hand on bosom and falls into awaiting velvet divan* How could you! Hehehehehe. We can presume but you know in the land of KDrama we can never truly presume. Shoot, it could be Soon Joon for all we know! And what about Director Yoon, the Chairman’s lackey and all-around punk? He knew that Soon Joon was not to blame for the incident that got her slapped but he’s the one who said that it was her and the one who went snooping around the CCTV. Uhm, btw, CCTV scares me. It is EVERYWHERE in KDrama!

Ekun: We have them here; they are just not prevalent in our society as a tool. I don’t think Joon Hee killed Dong Wook. He made little dude who owns the “Prime”, “Pride”, or whatever that car is called do it. It was how he paid off all his debts along with the product sabotage.

Akua: Ekun, hahahaha! Prime, Pride, Pikachu!

Amy: Pokemon? Gotta catch them all!

Akua: Y’all are fuuunnnnnyyyyy! Okay, so while this isn’t a secret or suspenseful, who didn’t almost shed some tears when Dong Wook’s dad comes to visit Soon Joon? I can’t with that scene. All the unspoken words. The FEELS! The FEELS!

Ekun: Sorry, but no tears from Ekun. I did like how the episode showed where Dong Wook got his wonderful character from. Min Ho is trying to take away his livelihood, and he is concerned for Min Ho!

Amy: I had no tears but I did feel for them. He is super sweet. He did make me miss my dad with his sweetness. I felt really bad for Joon Hee’s dad. If I didn’t already dislike Joon Hee that little act definitely would have pushed me over the edge.

Akua: Joon Hee was so rude, but you know what? To be fair, he had some right to be pissed. Just like in ‘BladeMan”, when they needed the help badly, those two refused to give them anything and because of them, Joon Hee had to watch his mom die. I mean, honestly, it’s hard to be upset with his reaction.

Ekun: Joon Hee had a right to be upset, and tell those fools to kick rocks, but he didn’t have to disrespect his father like that. Would I break bread this those people? No. Would I help their son get a job? Maybe—that depends on his competency and track record (which ain’t looking to good). But I would never look down on my father, even if he did something to disappoint me. I can’t speak for everyone, but being my father’s daughter is one of the best parts of me—and I have quite a few! Things that a good about me that is..

Amy: I just don’t like people yelling at their dads. It makes me mad. I get he is trying to look out for his dad but also, his dad is capable of making decisions. Joon Hee should have a little trust.

Akua: Sigh. No matter what; we conclude Joon Hee is a rotten scoundrel. But Omo Omo Omo...that last scene???? When Min Ho finally decides to test the theory that his heart is beating that way because he is in love with Soon Joon and in the middle of a busy Korean street (I can’t even!) plants a big smackeroo on her lips??? WOOOOHOOOO!

Amy: Hee hee hee hee! I can’t help but think that Min Ho is going to get a slap to the face for that move. I did love it, though!

Ekun: As he should! That is sexual assault! Not like he is raping her or anything, but I really am not the one who loves unwanted kisses. These two have something, but Min Ho? That kiss got a “No.” from me. Sorry—still love you! *remembers the locks of flames*

Akua: Well ladies, I don’t know WHAT is going to happen after these two episodes. I feel like we’ve gotten 4-5 episodes of cray-cray in just these two. I mean, how much more CAN they fit into the next 10 episodes??? Whew! I for one am reeeeeeeeeeady for next week’s episodes! And as usual, it was great chatting it up with y’all!

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