Falling In Love with Soon Jung has come to an end! Well, for us at least. It looks like our beloved characters will have a nice new beginning and those who aren't so beloved well, I don't think their new beginning is so bright. Come join Akua, Ekun, and Amy as we discuss these last episodes!

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Amy: I’m a little too sad that this is over. I seriously thought we would get more time with everyone! I am, however, very happy that Joon Hee got punished. May we just get that out of the way first?

Akua: Joon Hee. Joon Hee. Joon Hee. His demise wasn’t painful enough for him for me. I don’t think he suffered as much as I wanted to see his character suffer. This was one of the fastest moving dramas I have ever seen! I loved the pace of it! I will give it up to the writers for that one! I also enjoyed its maturity. As much as we all love our high school dramas, I will always enjoy these kinds of plot lines!


Ekun: Yeeeeesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sad that the show is over but I am totally loving this ending. Of course there were a lot of cliches, minimal surprises, and “scares” of amnesia! But my favorite had to be Joon Hee! Finally a villain who stayed the sad-ridiculous-complex having-sorry ass excuse for a human being from start to finish! Your tears mean nothing to me Joon Hee… NOTHING!

Amy: I felt no sympathy when he was crying either. You got what was coming to you, Joon Hee! I appreciated the maturity of this drama too. The kisses were so much better than with those youngins! Ha ha! I did enjoy the bits of silliness we got from Min Ho when he got his Soon Jung back too. I mean, he was just adorable like an excited puppy who found his favorite ball. So sweet!


Akua: Those last few episodes! Oh my goodness! The sweetness between Min Ho and Soon Jung? All the “compound punishments” and “penalties” and “appetizers” and “desserts”! Oh my! Mmmmmhmmm, yummy!

Ekun: What I loved most is that Soon Jung and Min Ho felt like a real couple! You know when you first start a relationship: kisses, handholding, hugs, wanting to be around each other… They were able to show that so naturally. It burns my britches when a couple gets together (finally) and it is like watching paint dry! I don’t want them to have a tossle in the bed, but sheesh! Give me the “appetizers”, “desserts”, and “penalties” all day everyday! *Swoons*

Amy: Yeah, in a drama I’m watching right now there is a couple like that and I just roll my eyes every time they come on screen. If I have to watch them stare at each other one more time someone in my general vicinity will feel my wrath. Anyway, how stinkin cute is Tinkerbell and Wendy? First his nickname and then just them being together. I like how she gives him a hard time one second but is sweet the next. I’m surprised she gave him a chance after the peeing incident though…


Akua: Awww, they really were such a cute couple! He absolutely adores her and she keeps him in check. That wedding scene though? They looked good together! And oooooh boy, was I surprised by what happened at the wedding! I was so so so upset with them for what I thought they did to Min Ho until I saw the flapping curtains. Then I thought everyone was having a massive hallucination. Hehehehe

Ekun: I was getting my plane ticket ready in episode 15, but I knew that he was still living as soon as they did the time jump. It wasn’t enough time for him to be dead and everyone living their lives so joyfully. But I will just save my plane ticket for another trip. *tucks in pocket* Wendy and Tinkerbell! I knew they would make me happy in the end--but I agree Amy, I don’t know how I would be able to look at him the same after the peeing thing. It’s not like it was caused by an accident or unavoidable circumstance, but I am glad it all worked out in the end. So Golden Partner’s wicked witch of the east fled on her broomstick to the west; leaving Joon Hee to take all the blame. Why does this not surprise me?


Amy: Ekun, you should have used your plane ticket to go and wipe that smirk off of her face! Why did nothing happen to her? I was very unhappy that she just got away. I guess it means Joon Hee is staying in jail longer, though, so there is one benefit at least.

Akua: I still don’t agree with the punishments for them. Not at all! Joon Hee was really jacked up in his head wasn’t he? It was always about power for him. Even Soon Jung represented a level of power that he couldn’t have and that he longed for. It was never about love. It was always about being above everyone else - about proving his own worth but if he had worth, he would never have need to prove it! Hot Mess Joon Hee! He will never see his own mistakes because he doesn’t believe he’s in the wrong. It’s everyone else’s fault. And as far as the Smirky-Miss Han, she’s gonna get hers. I don’t know how but she’s not that smart! Something’s coming for her!

Ekun: Narratively speaking, she has to get away (along with Golden Partner) to prove Joon Hee’s thinking isn’t completely wrong. Those with money and power are “above” the law. I am not saying it is right all the time, but I am certain we are all old enough to know that forces like Golden Partner exist in the real world, everywhere! I think Joon Hee got the best punishment he could get-- death would be too good for him. He has no one, he has to go to jail, he lives with the guilt of killing his father and Dong Wook, and he will always be his own worst enemy. Sometimes, we can *censored* ourselves more than anyone else ever could.

Amy: That’s true. I know I’ve done it to myself on occasion. Wasn’t Papa Ma adorable the way he encouraged Min Ho was so sweet and just what was needed at the time. It made my heart happy. Also, I love Min Ho’s impressions of him. I’m glad Min Ho has a good father figure in his life. The man even sent him food while he was in America! Hee hee!


Akua: Well we all know how I feel about Papa Ma! He’s my KDrama Abuji! I call dibs on Papa Ma! Min Ho is finally getting all that he felt he didn’t deserve or need. He never felt the need to love because he never thought he would live. Can you imagine how horribly isolating that is? Whew! Yet even in all that he had such a sweet disposition! I love how he’s still Min Ho though -- still ordering people about -- but it’s tempered with a deep love for others. He’s almost gruff with his love - like he doesn’t want anyone to know it. But woohoo, he’s so sweet! And Soon Jung! That girl can cry! She’s been holding in so much for so many years and now she’s just a weeping willow!

Ekun: I love Papa Ma! He was just so real with everyone and himself. Min Ho being able to experience the things that he never thought he would in life is the best thing about this show. The sweetness of loving someone, the burden of caring for more than yourself, and being able to just live for the sake of living. I am really happy I watched this drama; and was able to share the good, the bad, and the WTF’s with you guys!


Amy: As am I! I’d give this drama a solid 9 out of 10 and will definitely watch it again! It balanced the seriousness with humor very well and I feel like there was a lesson for everyone to learn from it. I like it when a drama makes me think, moves my heart, and makes me laugh. I won’t be forgetting the characters for a long time!

Akua: [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[GROUP HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG]]]]]]]]]]]. I’m gonna miss you ladies! This drama was golden for me. I enjoyed seeing Kim So Yeon again after I first saw her in “I Need Romance 3” (whoooa). She’s a great actress. I believed that she was Soon Jung. I loved all the actors - this was my first with Jung Kyung Ho and I will definitely be watching for more of him in the future! What a great drama guys!

Ekun: I need you all to do your homework to see Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min in Heartless City! It was the best bromance. Until next time!

What do you think? Did you love this drama as much as we did? Did everyone get what they deserved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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