Just yesterday, we told you how Gong Yoo's rising fame was the cause of many fake social media accounts popping up in his name, and warned you that the Gong Yoo you are probably following on social media might not be legit. Today, we are here to break your hearts again with some more Gong Yoo news! Brace yourselves, ladies......

The actor recently confessed that despite being in his late thirties, he wasn't considering tying the knot any time soon. His words not mine - "I’m now in my late 30’s and I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and family. To be honest, I’ve decided to push aside thoughts of marriage and personal questions for now.” Major heartbreak moment, right?

Hold on, it gets even more painful! He added, "This is an important time for me and how I spend it will change how I spend my life after my 40’s. I was influenced a lot by director Kim Ji Woon when we were working together. He asked me how much time I thought a person had to enjoy life on their own. He said that in Korea, a person depends on their parents until they’re in their 30’s, so we only have the time from our 30’s to our 60’s to fully enjoy ourselves.”

So if you had any romantic notions of ending up with the actor, you better put those plans on hold for now. Although he might be on the lookout once he turns 60. "I’d previously thought that a person needed a partner to not feel lonely, and to be taken care of when you’re old and sick,” he said. Yes, there is hope after all! 

But on a positive note, the actor is working on some fantastic projects such as the upcoming Goblin and will continue to light up our screens for awhile to come. 


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