MOS Burger, a widely popular fast food burger joint, and Mister Donuts, the number one donut shop in Japan, decided to team up and peddle each other's products. Both franchises are hoping it will be a win-win, an opportunity to gain new clientele by sharing exposure and customers.

Up until now, MOS Burger (delicious burgers, by the way) and Mister Donuts (again, delicious donuts) had nothing in common. But on May 28th, they got together and created a partnership. By sharing two popular items, both these chains created original items. MOS Burger now serves the MOS French Cruller. It consists of donuts with less sweetness used as the buns, sausage, chili and tomato, called the Guru Guru Chorizo, for 390 yen, around four dollars.

There's also the Very Chocola, which consists of donut buns, chocolate and cream for 290 yen, which is about three dollars. Mister Donuts, on the other hand, has on their menu the MisDo Rice Burger, which is made of rice buns with beef and miso sauce, for 345 yen. The other item is also rice buns, but with red bean and custard, for 324 yen. MOS Burger will serve donuts until the end of July, while Mister Donuts will serve buns until the end of August. We'll see if this business plan works; it's the first time two major chains have done anything like this in Japan. Granted, donuts and burgers aren't exactly direct competition, but maybe some customers will enjoy this, and MOS Burger and Mister Donuts both will gain some new fans.

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MOS French Cruller and MisDo Rice Burger: