From June 15 to July 15, 2014, the new Asian pop culture magazine K-Crush held a fan art contest to celebrate the release of Lee Hong Ki’s fashion line, Skull Hong. The contest asked participants to submit fan art of their favorite celebrities or dramas from Japan, China, or Korea. We had a great mix of pieces, and we appreciate all the submissions we received for the contest! Here are the top ten pieces of fan art.

By Joelle Halon

The voting period concluded July 25 with a worthy top ten. Deciding on the top three proved to be a tough task with one vote separating the prize winners! The top ten winners were chosen by Facebook users. Looking at the art submitted, it’s easy to see why, given the amount of time put into each work of art. Because of this, the contest was a success.

The top vote-getter, Manavi Singh, submitted an excellent pencil-drawing of Lee Minho that came with well-deserved rave reviews from Facebook users. Singh’s piece was beautiful due to the realism in Minho’s face.

Sun Shinhwa Fanart came in second during the Facebook poll. Her drawing for Shinhwa was so adorable and sweet, who could resist it? The softness in the colors really made the drawing pop. One element that was eye-catching was how the group was behind glass, which could lead to some analysis, but that may not have been the artist’s intention. The drawing did earn its votes, and it earned second place in staff voting!

Peilin Yao earned third in user-votes. Her drawing features B1A4’s Jinyoung, and the realism in the sketch can take your breath away! Yao’s attention to detail captivated because, from afar, the drawing looks real. The emotion she included in his face made us smile. Hopefully, you will too!

Mandy Hasch’s Block B drawing earned praise from both users and staff. Hasch made charcoal look effortless, but what was really enjoyed was how she captured each member’s personality in each section; she captured their individual colors even though it’s black and white.

While speaking of black and white, Emily Huang’s tribute to B.A.P made an impression, quickly earning user-votes even though she was one of the last submitters. The cleanliness of the lines and all the details in the throne and treasures draws the eye around the image because it’s fun to see even the tiniest of details.

Perhaps one of the most adorable images came from Swallow’s Creative Corner with her adorable plushies featuring characters from Free Iwatobi Swim Club. The details in the clothes and their adorable little faces brought about squeals of delight! For those of us who can’t knit or crochet, we got to see an example of what we could do if we just try a little harder. The best part was that Swallow did something different over traditional drawing, and that made her plushies stand out. The same could be said for Park Chohwa, who submitted a cross-stitch titled “My Heart’s Leader.” Both artists showed us that fan art can come in any medium.

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A tie between Ernesto Gomez and Rosendo Verduzco rounded out our top nine. Ernesto’s matokis won over the Babyz because of their cuteness. Rosendo’s painting showed the eyes truly are the windows of the soul as he captured a key moment in SHINee’s “Everybody” MV. We felt the connection to the image as the staff voted it as our third place winner.

But, one image just called to us when it came time to pick a winner, and that drawing belonged to Teryn Thomason, who submitted “Double Kai.” The soft colors juxtaposed with the black and white version of Kai made us do a double take. The realism in his eyes and the movement in his hair made it feel like he was coming alive. He grabbed our hearts and the top prize!

This was K-Crush’s first contest, and we hope to hold many more in the future. We want to say thank you, DramaFever, for helping us, and thank you, readers, for joining in on the fun!

You can check out the entrants on our contest album.