We're back with another Fan Art Friday! We have had so many wonderful submissions that we're featuring ten artists this week instead of five. Take a look at the talent of your fellow DF'ers, and be sure to show us your skills next week!

1. This digital drawing of T.O.P. done by Kayla captures his intense gaze so well! Check out more of her work on her Instagram account.

2. This "The Adventures of Spica" motion book by @SpicaSuperFan is so creative! Click HERE to flip through the whole story, and follow the author on Twitter.

3. Pyro Kat created this adorable sketch of Kim Woo Bin's character on Heirs. We love that little wink!

4. Viviane Bruyninckx is a K-drama fan from Belgium who watches dramas with her daughter. Here is her stunning portrait of Kim Soo Hyun. You can find more of her stunning work on her artist website here and her deviantart account  here

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5. ZulinHL's drawing of Gu Hye Sun has such a summery feel to it! I can almost feel the breeze. Find more of zulinHL's work on Twitter and deviantart.

6. Anna did this lovely pencil sketch of Kai from EXO. To see more of Anna's work, check out her deviantart account

7. Tety Godoy drew this pencil portrait of CL from 2NE1. Doesn't she look like she's about to come to life?

8. Allie Kim also submitted a pencil drawing. She captured Kim Bum's handsome profile with a mechanical pencil.

9. These portraits of Lee Kwang Soo and D.O. by @yefrisensei represent their characters in It's Okay, That's Love.

10. Last, but not least, is this stunning graphic image of BIGBANG's Taeyang by Kayla. You can find her work on her Tumblr or on Instagram under KaylaKangaBoo.

That's it for this week, but we will be back with more next week! As always, thank you for the great submissions and keep them coming. Whether it's your own work or simply pieces that you find impressive, we love to see them. Please be sure to submit your pieces to cjohnson@dramafever.com for a chance to be featured in next week's #FAF. Be sure to include a link to your portfolio or website if you have one! Have a great weekend!