Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing is known for her fashion sense. She recently gathered a lot of attention with her Oscar gowns. Chinese news sources recently noted her fashionable hats and praised her for her style. We found the best of her unique looks to share with you here! 1. Funky green tights and bright colors: Fanbingbing10 2. Smoky make-up and a top hat with long locks: Fanbingbing9 3. This one kind of reminds me a reindeer-bunny or the mad hatter? Fanbingbing8 4. Love this one! Classic and has a Pan Am sort of look: Fanbingbing7   5. Casual and sporty but also stunning: Fanbingbing6 6. Short and edgy, the bright red lips look great on her: Fanbingbing5 7. This everyday look also looks great. I like that her make-up isn't as dramatic in these: Fanbingbing3 8. Not sure how well the orange hat and red lips go, and her jacket is a bit... strange: Fanbingbing4 9. Fedoras are hard to pull off but she may just be able to do it: Fanbingbing13 10. Funky glasses, not the biggest fan of this look but her eyes are striking: Fanbingbing2 11. Futuristic Amelie? Fanbingbing1 Which look do you like the best? (source: