The Chinese version of Running Man has been popular, but the reason that the show called Hurry Up, Brother was disrupted in filming by a massive crowd has more to do with The Empress of China's beautiful actress Fan Bingbing. What happened?

The Empress of China drama series hit number one ratings in China for its captivating story of Empress Wu and her rise to be the only female Emperor in Chinese history. The drama also became famous because of Chinese censors who decided the fabulous costumes worn by the beautiful court ladies were too revealing. There were 260 custom-made gowns made for the lead actress Fan Bingbing alone.

Behind the scenes, there were rumors of Fan Bingbing dating co-star Li Chen, who played the general who saved young Wu Meiniang's life. In the drama, Wu was even willing to elope with her beloved general at the risk of her life. 

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In real life, Li Chen has been a regular cast member on Hurry Up, Brother, which also stars Deng Chao, Zheng Kai, and Angelababy. Li Chen and Fan Bingbing have only admitted to their wonderfully good friendship.

The rumors and tabloid reports about Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are so hot that both stars' everyday posts to their Weibo social media accounts are followed by millions of fans. Fan and Li also trade posts and photos that seem to suggest there is more to their relationship.

So it should be a stroke of genius to invite Fan Bingbing to guest star on season 2 of Hurry Up, Brother. Popular singer-actor Han Geng, ex-member of K-pop group Super Junior, was also a guest star. On March 9, the show was filming in Chengdu city of Sichuan Province. Perhaps the production had expected a crowd, but they certainly didn't expect the crowed to be so massive that it was disruptive to filming, and eventually they called off production for that day.

Wow, that's a huge crowd. No wonder they decided to shut down production.

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Stay tuned for further development.

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