Here are the top 5 celebrities from the new Forbes China Celebrity List for 2015. The stunningly beautiful actress Fan Bingbing leads the annual list for the 3rd time. Let's find out more about these celebrities.

The 2015 Forbes China Celebrity 100 List is published in the current (May) edition of Forbes China, and it includes celebrities from the Greater China region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Popular leaders from film, sports, media, and music are included in the survey.

Both income and exposure were used to determine the commercial value of a celebrity, according to Forbes China.

1. Fan Bingbing - The famous Chinese actress ranks #1 with an income of 128 million yuan (US$20.62 million) in the past year. Fan's top-grossing TV drama, The Empress of China, became a hit in the domestic and international markets.

She is also in many projects, including western films, and she often makes stunning appearances on the red carpet. She plays a mermaid in the movie The Moon and The Sun, to be released during 2015. (See more of her fabulous imperial costumes, and find her in the Flash Point movie on DramaFever.)

2. Jay Chou - The Taiwanese singer/actor/producer earned the equivalent of 101.5 million yuan (US$16.35 million) last year. He also made the headlines by marrying his girlfriend, model and actress Hannah Quinlivan, in a secret romantic wedding held in England a day before his 36th birthday, as he had previously promised that he would marry when he was 35.

He and Hannah are now expecting their first child. (You can find him in Kung Fu Dunk and Viral Factor on DramaFever.)

3. Nicholas Tse - Hong-Kong based multi-talented singer/actor/entrepreneur and recently gourmet food-show host earned 77.5 million yuan (US$12.48 million) last year. He also made huge news when he reunited with his ex-girlfriend, pop diva Faye Wong (#73), in what the Chinese press called "the reunion of the century."

(Here's a gripping video of Nicholas doing his own stunts.)

Watch Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse in The Viral Factor:

4. Jackie Chan - Is there anyone who doesn't know Jackie Chan? The famous martial artist, movie star, and producer earned 96 million yuan (US$15.48 million) last year. He just released his new autobiography titled Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older on the occasion of his 61st birthday in April this year. He made some surprising revelations in the tell-all book. He continues to work on numerous projects.

 A recently released movie is Dragon Blade, an action epic starring him along with an international cast including Super Junior's Choi Siwon, John Cusack, Adrian Brody, and Feng Shao Feng of Prince of Lan Ling,  (Find him in the Blade of Kings movie on DramaFever.)

5. Huang Xiao Ming - Top Chinese actor and heartthrob earned 79 million yuan (US$12.74 million) last year. He and his steady girlfriend, actress Angelababy (#12), are frequently followed by entertainment media. Reportedly they plan to marry this year.


Huang Xiao Ming is active in both modern and historical dramas and movies. One movie was The White Haired Witch of Lunar Mountain (2014), starring Huang with Fan Bingbing. (You can see him in Summer's Desire on DramaFever.)

Many actors have been helped by a booming Chinese film market, which is the second largest in the world. Young entertainers and teen idols are also making a strong showing on the list, such as Li Yifeng (#9), Lu Han (#37) and Wu Yifan (#42.) Many of the celebrities, especially the young and rising stars, actively participate in reality shows and social media to extend their reach and popularity.

~ NancyZdramaland

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