When Fan Bingbing announced that she was dating actor Li Chen, her beloved general in The Empress of China, she was honoring a promise that if her friend and fellow actor Huang Xiaoming got married, she would announce who her boyfriend was. Clearly the famous actress is a gutsy person who would not deny the truth. However, rumors about her have continued to swirl. What is the new rumor that has caused Miss Fan to issue an announcement?

When The Empress of China became a megahit in China, Fan Bingbing was seen in close company with both Li Chen, who played the general loved by the Empress, and Aarif Rahman, who played the Crown Prince and then Emperor. Fan was constantly besieged by reporters asking to confirm which hottie was her boyfriend, and she finally said, "If Huang Xiaoming gets married, I will tell."

It turned out that Huang Xiaoming and long-time girlfriend Angelababy got hitched on May 27 this year in a surprise wedding by registration. True to her word, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen jointly posted this photo on May 29 to settle the mystery of Fan's real-life true love.

Once their dating relationship was confirmed, a new set of rumors started swirling about their engagement and wedding. Fan and Li usually laughed those off and simply ignored them.

The other day, someone alleging to be their friend posted this photo online, insinuating that Fan and Li have already gotten married.

The allegation instantly went viral, and finally Fan Bingbing had to make a formal announcement to refute the rumors.

Here's the official statement from Fan Bingbing Studio, the production company set up by Fan Bingbing:

"Thanks to everyone for your concern and care. This person is not Miss Fan's friend. Miss Fan has never posted this photo or any such announcement. Some prankster must have made a joke and caused a misunderstanding. We hope to make it clear here, and wish everyone a happy October 1st holiday."  (October 1st is China's National Day.)

The announcement has settled the latest rumor, but will the rumors stop?

In the meantime, when Fan Bingbing was recently asked about possible engagement news, she answered, "Not yet. Ha ha. I don't know anything about it. If it happens I will notify everyone."

I truly believe that Fan Bingbing will tell us herself when it happens because that's the kind of person she is.

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