Stunning Chinese actress Fan Bingbing asked for 10 million dollar face insurance for starring on the Chinese version of Running Man, Hurry Up, Brother as a guest, Xinhua news reported. 

She asked Hurry Up, Brother for face insurance in case it gets injured. The Hurry Up, Brother production team said to reporters it is customary to insure the guests, although the difference in price exists. 

"We insure guests from half a million to 70 million dollars. The price varies depending on the guest." Hurry Up, Brother production team explained, "Of course we do our best to ensure guests' safety and receive help of the police to film without any injury. 

This does sound like a good idea, especially when massive crowds have disrupted filming so much to the point of calling it off for the day.

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Hurry Up, Brother is the Chinese version of the popular show Running Man. The Running Man staff helped produce the show, and some of the members like Kim Jong KookYoo Jae Suk, and Song Ji Hyo starred on the first episode of Hurry Up, Brother.

Hurry Up, Brother members include Deng Chao, Zheng Kai, Angelababy, and Li Chen. Li Chen, Fan Bingbing's partner on The Empress of China, has been rumored to date her.

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