Wang Sicong is the son of China's richest man Wang Jianlin and is well known to be outspoken. However, he recently said popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is only a "red carpet star" with no real accomplishment in acting. Fans are upset, of course, but let's see how Fan Bingbing responds to Wang Sicong's remark.

Being the only son of a Chinese billionaire has given Wang Sicong (pronounced Si-Tsong) many advantages and privileges in life. He attended an elementary school in Singapore, then went on to England to study at Winchester College and graduated from University College London with a degree in philosophy. He's been living a life of luxury while he holds a top executive title at his father's company. The 27-year-old heir and technology investor is outspoken and frequently posts opinionated comments via social media. One of his recent headline-grabbing posts was a photo of his dog wearing 2 Apple Watches (one for each front paw of course.) His billionaire father said his son is direct in saying what comes to his mind because he was educated in the West. 

So what did Wang Sicong say about Fan Bingbing that caused a lot of commotion?

He posted that "Someone Bing is a red carpet star who can't act and has no achievement, and is only famous from tabloid news and hype."

People immediately recognized that he was talking about Fan Bingbing. His comment is quite a put down, especially when Fan Bingbing has had a long career in dramas and films. Fan Bingbing started acting at the age of 15 and rose to fame playing a supporting role in the extremely popular My Fair Princess historical drama. The 33-year-old award-winning actress has appeared in 42 TV dramas and over 40 movies. She is also the brand ambassador for many fashion brands, and yes, she makes frequent appearances at red carpet events for the brands she represents and for charitable causes.

Fan Bingbing is also an independent businesswoman who established her own company, Fan Bingbing Studio, to produce her projects. She is devoted to philanthropy such as establishing and supporting Heart Ali, a project aimed at helping children suffering from congenital heart diseases in Tibet. She was once asked if she would marry a rich man, and she famously replied that, "I don't need to. I have my own wealth." Yes, she is considered wealthy now, but she has made her own fortune. No wonder she achieved the high stature and admiration from fans all over in China and overseas.

So what did Fan Bingbing say in response to Wang Sicong's obvious snide remark?

She said this: 

"You go find your dad, and I do my work. Consider us both self-reliant. "  

Online netizens immediately applauded her guts for her response. Many also said to just ignore Wang's ignorance. 

What do you think of Fan Bingbing's response? Do you agree that Wang Sicong should not have derided Fan Bingbing in the first place?

By the way, Wang Sicong's first name, Sicong, means "Think Smart" in Chinese.

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