[caption id="attachment_28378" align="alignleft" width="344" caption="Lee Yo Won"][/caption] So, it turns out that the first posters for the trendy drama Mary Stayed Out All Night are fakes. All of them. At least, "fake" in the sense that they weren't put out by the studio, even though most of them give surprisingly detailed and accurate production credits, and are well-made, clever pieces of advertising. With this kind of grass-roots movement behind the Jang Geun Seok romance (presuming the whole story isn't some kind of Machiavellian ad campaign), it looks like KBS will have a hit on its hands when Mary comes out November 8th. Congratulations to Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun on their new baby boy! The couple, who met way back in 1998 when they teamed up for Love Wind Love Song, were married this spring in a million-dollar ceremony with celebrities such as Rain and Lee Byung Hyun in attendance. Jang reported that both mother and son are healthy and resting. And Ko might be interested (or maybe not) in the results of a survey asking which singer would "best help with postpartum care." Find out who fans think is so empathetic he'd "even have morning sickness in place of the wife" right here. Jang Hyuk seems poised to finally commit to his next drama following his success in Chuno. Having dropped out of Secret Garden, he's being courted for Poseidon, another action thriller from the writer of IRIS. Despite the godly title, it's not a fantasy like Garden, but follows the adventures of a maritime police force. Hip-hop star MC Mong appeared before the Supreme Prosecutor's Office in Seoul for questioning this morning regarding accusations that he had healthy teeth pulled out in order to dodge mandatory military service. His agency is standing by the star, whose comic persona made him a popular (if sometimes controversial) presence on variety shows and the pop charts. Lee Yo Won undergoes a stunning transformation in a new shoot for this month's Vogue. Check out her kinda Mad Hatter-ish overhaul here. Rainie Yang's never been shy expressing her opinions about co-stars and other celebrities, but this time she's turned a critical eye to her own body. Although she says she doesn't mind showing "half her breasts," find out what body part she can't stand to reveal. Finally, Lee Hyori is just having a really bad year. Still recovering from a plagiarism scandal that stained her reputation and essentially voided all the work that went into her last album, she's now being attacked as a poor choice for ambassador of Korean beef. Celebrities are often chosen as goodwill ambassadors for various aspects of Korean culture because they have a built-in audience, but the fees they charge the government for appearances are easy targets for politicians looking to cut spending. Dong Yi's Han Hyo Joo is a rare example of a goodwill ambassador who refused money to represent at the G20 summit.