My Princess Korean drama A bubbly, enchanting romantic comedy, My Princess is a lighter Goong with an equally all-star cast. Superstars Song Seung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee create sparks onscreen in a story about a woman who gets her own real-life fairytale but must figure out what she really wants.

Sunny, stubborn college student Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee) has a fairly ordinary life. She squabbles with her adoptive sister and mother, has a crush on her good-looking professor (Ryu Soo Young), and has a part-time job as a decorative Korean "princess" at tourist events.

Her life turns upside down when she discovers that she is in fact a real princess, a blood descendant of the last emperor of Korea. With a large faction of the government pushing to turn Korea into a constitutional monarchy, she's quickly instated into the palace and assigned to Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hoon) to be tutored in etiquette and how to be a princess.

Hae Young, however, is her political rival - his grandfather is pushing to put Lee Seol in power, but if he does so, all of Hae Young's inheritance will go to her. Hae Young initially intends to do all he can to thwart Lee Seol, but when he finds himself falling for her instead, he's caught between his heart and his life goals.

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