The word is out. Dragon Ball enthusiasts from around the world are already proclaiming Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men to be one of the best fan-made movies ever made. Since being uploaded onto YouTube just over a week ago, the ambitious live action short film has already garnered over 9 million views.

Since its introduction in July 1989, Dragon Ball Z has become one of the most popular anime franchises in history. Millions of Dragon Ball fans from around the world have seen all of the almost 300 television episodes and 17 feature films that have been made to date, but they're always hungry for new material, no matter who's behind it, because they know even Hollywood can't even get it right. Despite an attempt by 20th Century Fox to make the live action feature Dragonball Evolution in 2009, the film, directed by James Wong, was a monumental disaster, failing critically and bombing at the box office. The movie was so bad that it actually upset many diehard fans who waited so long to see a live action version of their favorite anime.

But now, thanks to the efforts of some independent filmmakers at Black Smoke Films, the live action Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men is up online, and it's blowing fans away. Only 30 minutes long, the dark and gritty film takes place in the future, following Trunk before he sets out to warn Goku of the danger that lies ahead. The filmmakers obviously revere Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z, and they made a film that shows exactly how much they love the world he created. Finishing any kind of film is an accomplishment. But when you can get 9 million people to watch your film in just over a week, that's something special.

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