It seems KARA member Seungyeon is just as much of a fangirl for actor Joo Won as the rest of us. Recently Seungyeon was asked if there was any guy she had an interest in and she immediately said Joo Won!

She went on to say that no matter how tired or how late at night it was, she would stay up just to watch Good Doctor. She was very drawn to his character and believes he may actually be a “pure and warm person” in real life. Seungyeon even cutely left him a video message and invited him for tea!

O.M.G who knew Idols lose sleep because of K-Dramas just like we do, and don’t you think they would make a cute couple?! I could really see them together and Seungyeon is really, really cute! When she smiles her entire face lights up and when Joo Won smiles he looks like a kitty!

I ship these two, what about you?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE