Last month at the 2014 World Caricature in Seoul event, two artists presented caricatures of Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin of Heirs. Take a look! 

Caricaturist Kwak Young Min drew the one above with the three main actors, and Kim Tae Soo drew the one below of actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Shin Hye posing sweetly together. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye were undoubtedly the best 2013 K-drama couple.

Heirs is a trendy high school drama about rich students from Korean conglomerate families, also known as chaebols. 

In related news, actor Lee Min Ho's debut movie Gangnam Blues premiered on January 21. At the film's press release, there was an uproar when the director explained that he had to edit actor Lee Min Ho's seminude scene.

When you’re in a love triangle with two versions of Hyun Bin, who do you choose? Find out in his comeback drama, Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

What do you think about the caricatures? I think they capture the characteristics of the actors' faces pretty well. Please share your thoughts. I'd love to read them!