Popular South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk has received a spectacular gift from his fans for his 26th birthday on September 14. His fan clubs from Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong created a special forest in his name. The "Lee Jong Suk Forest" will contain 1,000 trees in northern Seoul, and it is intended to reduce noise pollution in the city and provide a relaxation area for local residents.

The forest was created via a partnership with Korean social venture Tree Planet, which has a Star Forest project to create forests in the name of actors. The Lee Jong Suk Forest is the largest to date with 1,000 trees. Together, the fan clubs raised raised 14 million won, or about US $13,500, to create this uniquely "green" gift. The forest will be located in Mapo-gu, northern Seoul.

The gift of a forest is indeed very meaningful, and one of his fans said, “It is a meaningful gift for both Lee Jong Suk and his fans as well as Seoul citizens. I’m happy to participate in this worthwhile project." 

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I'm sure Lee Jong Suk is very appreciative and proud of his fans for what they have chosen as a birthday gift.

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