Lee Min Ho's 2014 tour is about to begin in Beijing on October 4. There's been a heightened sense of anticipation and monitoring of Lee Min Ho's every move. He just flew into Beijing, and fans were admiring the checkered shirt he wore at the airport. Here is the latest video from his press conference on October 3. Let's hear what LMH himself said about his tour and future plans while looking very handsome wearing a white shirt.

Seeing the pretty shirt that Lee Min Ho wore at the airport, a fan (mtdt) quickly posted that it is a "Houndstooth check shirt from AMI ALEXANDRE MATTIUSSI"  

Because this video is a news report intermixed with narration and interpretation, I will just focus on what our man said and only list the time marks for when he was talking.

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00:38 - 01:08 Regarding the tour:

Lee Min Ho says he will be singing 5 new songs in Beijing but also apologizes that he will not be singing any songs in Chinese. Due to time constraints, he has not been able to prepare for singing Chinese songs. He promises he will sing Chinese songs next year. 

01:29 - 01:40 

He adds that when he was preparing for the tour, he thought about whether it would be better to include "Can't Help But Fall For You," the song he sang with Harlem Yu at the Chinese Spring Festival Gala. (Watch him sing HERE.)

02:15 - 03:10  Regarding Gangnam Blues and his future plans:

LMH asks fans to expect a new and breakthrough image for him in Gangnam Blues. He wants to continue to expand his roles in movies. As for TV dramas, he wants to play roles with a bright and sunny personality. He continues to review scripts and hopes to repay his fans with more and better work.

If any Minoz are reading this article, which brand of shoes was he wearing at the press conference?

As for Oppa, I hope he gets a good night's sleep and wows his audience in Beijing. And to all the Minoz, fighting!

(cover photo: topstarnews)