We previously reported on fans arguing over the body  heights between Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. Now it's been reported from China that a group of fans at Lee Min Ho's tour broke into fist fights over which star sings better, and their negative claims about the two stars are quite stunning. Let's watch the videos and compare.

Reportedly on October 4, the day when Lee Min Ho started his new tour in Beijing, some fans broke into arguments. Some of Lee Min Ho's fans allegedly said that Kim Soo Hyun cannot sing. Kim Soo Hyun's fans retorted that Lee Min Ho sounds terrible when he sings. As reported by Chinese media sites, the argument escalated into a fist fight when one Kim Soo Hyun fan tore up a ticket to Lee Min Ho's tour. 

These fans really have to calm down. Both stars are lovable. Besides, their claims are incredibly laughable. How could they say Kim Soo Hyun cannot sing? Check this video out when Kim sang at the KBS Award ceremony:

Aww...  It was also very romantic when he gave the flowers to Suzy, who was clearly adoring his singing.

See Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun singing together in  Dream High:

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Now let's take a look at the claim that alleges Lee Min Ho doesn't sing well. 

Lee Min Ho has never claimed to be a great singer as he's always said that he sings for his fans, the Minoz of the world. On October 4, he also had no trouble packing the Beijing venue that has a 19,000 seating capacity, where he sang 5 new songs from his newest album titled  Song For You, in addition to favorite "oldies."

Here's a video taken by fan minami at the Beijing concert on October 4:  (As a bonus, this 14-minute video has several songs.) He sings plenty well from what I see and hear, and I think at least 24 million Chinese fans would agree.

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Clearly fans are enthused about Lee Min Ho's singing. What Minoz love the most is Lee Min Ho's entire personality. Did you see anyone complain?

There is really no need to force a comparison between the two hot guys from Korea. We love them both.

The Chinese media report did not say how the fight ended. Hopefully no one was injured in the scuffle.

(LMH photo: soompi)