Just a few hours ago, T.O.P appeared in a Seoul courtroom to face four counts of illegal drug use, having been arrested for smoking marijuana in his home last October with a female idol trainee. Taking full responsibility for his actions, the superstar will officially be sentenced for his actions next month.

Every country (and person, for that matter) has different attitudes when it comes to the legal use of drugs and alcohol. For example, even though 60% of the American public believes that marijuana should be legal, with the drug increasingly becoming legalized in a number of states for medicinal and recreational use, certain countries still consider it to be very much against the law. One of those countries is South Korea, home to some very strict drug laws which are strictly enforced. 

So when news broke out that  T.O.P from BIG BANG had been arrested in early June, fans in Korea were more than disappointed. Most people in Korea consider marijuana to be pretty much the same as other illicit drugs, and those arrested for possessing cannabis are often looked at with the same disdain as those who get arrested with harder drugs. But T.O.P's admission of guilt regarding all four charges, after initially denying that he knew what we was smoking, has definitely changed the impression tens of thousands of fans had of him. After he tested positive for marijuana in June, reports surfaced that based on those results alone the other members of BIG BANG were also tested by police. They tested negative, so the public perception was that there was just one bad apple in the otherwise law-abiding group.

Regardless of what people think about drug use, and in this case, the smoking of marijuana, one thing to remember is that the young man has taken responsibility for his actions. "I was treated for anxiety and depression for years. My unstable mind state and thoughts made me act wrongly. I have made a mistake that I cannot undo. This all happened within a week. It was the worst week of my life. I am regretting it down to my bones. I am sincerely embarrassed and promise this will not happen again. I will take all punishment and treat it as a life lesson. I will live to serve."

T.O.P is facing 2 years of probation and 10 months of prison if he violates his probational period. The punishment will be finalized on July 20th.


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