Come April, shooting will commence for the theatrical remake of Cheese in the Trap, much to the delight of most of the show's fans all around the world. Some fans, however, are not happy with the all-important casting choices that have been announced, making claims that the chosen actors are a bit too old to have been cast for the lead roles. 

When the theatrical remake of Cheese in the Trap having been in the works for a while now, all that was left was for the final announcement of who was to be featured in the main cast of the much-anticipated film. Already confirmed for the joint Korean/Chinese production was Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung, who signed on a little after the project was initially announced. And now, with just a little under two months left until the start of principal photography, the three other leads have been announced. 

Joining Park are Oh Yeon Seo as Hong Seol, Park Ki Woong was cast as Baek In Ho, and Yoo In Young, who will be playing Baek In Ha. Every one of these actors are talented enough to play these roles, without a doubt, but what has some fans concerned are their ages. Park Hae Jin will be 34 years of age in just a few months. Oh Yeon Seo will be 31, Park Ki Woong just turned 32, and Yoo In Young is 33 years old. Sure, the entire cast does look younger than how old they really are, and makeup and lighting definitely can alter their look, but should the casting directors and producers have selected actors that were closer in age to the actual characters in the story? Some fans think they definitely should have. But now that the cast is set in stone, everyone is just going to have to sit tight and wait until the film's release, scheduled for sometime this summer. Who knows? The chosen ones just may pull it off.


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